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    A powerful strain engineering platform that integrates multidisciplinary approaches to modify or resynthesize biological systems from scratch under the guidance of engineering.

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    Harnessing the power of synthetic biology to help our customers achieve efficient biosynthesis.

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Strain Modification by Organism

Strain Characterization and Analysis Services

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Strain Engineering Services

Strain Engineering by Area

CD Biosynsis has been at the forefront of strain engineering research and development for years. The team of experts has dedicated to understanding the complex interactions between microorganisms and their environments, and have developed innovative strategies to optimize their performance in various applications.

Strain Modification Services

Strain Modification by Organism

CD Biosynsis offers comprehensive strain modification services to help you improve the efficiency and productivity of your microbial cultures. Our team of experts has extensive experience in modifying bacterial, yeast, algae, and plant strains to enhance their characteristics and improve their performance in various applications. We leverage cutting-edge technologies and proprietary techniques to deliver high-quality services that meet the specific needs of our clients.

Strain Characterization and Analysis Services

Strain Characterization and Analysis Services

Strain characterization and analysis are crucial steps in understanding the properties and behavior of microorganisms. Accurate characterization of strains is essential in various fields such as agriculture, biotechnology, medicine, and environmental science. At CD Biosynsis, we offer a range of services for strain characterization and analysis, including phenotypic characterization, genotypic analysis, and bioinformatics analysis.

Contract Research Services

Contract Research Services

CD Biosynsis is a leading contract research organization in synthetic biology, offering a wide range of services to help clients achieve their research and development goals. Our team of experts in biology, chemistry, and engineering work closely with clients to provide customized solutions for their specific needs.

One-Stop Shop for Cutting-Edge Synthetic Biology

Experience the future of synthetic biology with our One-Stop Services, where innovation and convenience converge. From design to build, test, and learn, our platform covers every aspect of your synthetic biology project lifecycle—simplify your journey to groundbreaking discoveries with our unified, cutting-edge solutions.


Revolutionize the synthetic biology design phase with our advanced AI and Computer-Aided Design tools. Our AI algorithms analyze vast biological datasets to suggest optimal gene sequences, metabolic pathways, or protein structures, drastically reducing the time-to-prototype while unlocking new avenues for biological innovation.


Unlock the full potential of the synthetic biology projects with our CRISPR and DNA/RNA synthesis solutions, all integrated seamlessly into the build phase. Elevate the gene editing accuracy to unprecedented levels with our CRISPR technology, while our state-of-the-art DNA/RNA synthesis services bring the design to life quickly and reliably.


Transform the test phase with our cutting-edge high-throughput screening solutions. Dramatically increase the throughput and minimize error with our automated microfluidic systems, and pair that with our In silico screening solutions to simulate and predict biological behaviors, saving valuable time and resources.


Maximize the insights gained from the synthetic biology projects with our AI and Machine Learning-powered database solutions. Our platform integrates research data into a rich, searchable database, enabling real-time analytics and predictive modeling. Use the power of machine learning to uncover hidden patterns, improve future designs, and iteratively refine the projects.

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