Synthetic Biology

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  • Strain Engineering Platform

    A powerful strain engineering platform that integrates multidisciplinary approaches to modify or resynthesize biological systems from scratch under the guidance of engineering.

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    Harnessing the power of synthetic biology to help our customers achieve efficient biosynthesis.


CD Biosynsis is advancing the science of synthetic biology to provide global scientists with high quality products and satisfactory services that cover the entire workflow from analysis of strain characteristics to the transformation of host strain.

Synthetic Biology

Strain Engineering Platform

As a fast-growing and innovative company, CD Biosynsis has established a strain improvement platform. With the goal of rational design of biological behavior combined with advanced microbial technologies, we are dedicated to revolutionary breakthroughs in the design-build-test cycle of microbial cell factories to achieve short cycle times and intelligent efficiency.

We have established a multidisciplinary team dedicated to the use of synthetic biology to modify strains. The strain engineering platform uses microorganisms as a modular engineering platform to create subtle and complex genetic circuits by rationally designing combinations of genes and promoter elements. Based on this platform we are able to help our customers more precisely control the physiological behavior of microorganisms and regulate the release of microbial expression products.



CD Biosynsis is committed to providing our customers with advanced synthetic biology tools and effective strategies to help them achieve efficient biosynthesis and more sustainable manufacturing practices to meet the growing market demand for chemicals, amino acids, proteins and peptides, natural products, and more.

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CD Biosynsis is dedicated to support and facilitate the applications of synthetic biology in a wide range of areas, ranging from basic life sciences research to biosensors.

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