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CD Biosynsis is a leading customer-focused biotechnology company dedicated to providing high-quality products, comprehensive service packages, and tailored solutions to support and facilitate the applications of synthetic biology in a wide range of areas. CD Biosynsis is fully engaged in providing customers around the world with satisfactory services and cost-effective solutions to promote the development of synthetic biology. Our scientific team is committed to helping our customers solve any problems encountered in their projects and bring diverse creative ideas to fruition.

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DNA Synthesis and Assembly

DNA synthesis and assembly is a highly advanced process that allows scientists and researchers to artificially create DNA molecules in a laboratory setting. It involves the chemical synthesis of DNA nucleotides and the precise assembly of these nucleotides into a desired DNA sequence...

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Genetic Engineering and Gene Editing

Genetic Engineering is the manipulation of an organism's genetic material to introduce desired characteristics or traits. It involves altering the DNA sequence of an organism to achieve specific outcomes, such as increased crop yield or improved disease resistance...

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Genetic Circuit Engineering

Genetic circuits are complex systems of interacting genes that can be designed to perform specific functions, such as producing valuable chemicals or sensing environmental signals. The field of synthetic biology has enabled the creation of increasingly sophisticated genetic circuits, which has great potential for various...

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Protein Engineering and Optimization

Protein Engineering and Optimization is a dynamic and innovative field that focuses on the modification and improvement of proteins to enhance their properties or create entirely new functions. By utilizing cutting-edge techniques such as rational design, directed evolution, and computational modeling...

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Metabolic Engineering and Pathway Design

Metabolic Engineering and Pathway Design is a specialized offering provided by our company. It involves the modification of metabolic pathways in microorganisms, particularly E. coli, to optimize the production of desired chemicals. Through targeted genetic modifications, we can enhance...

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Strain Development Services

Strain Development Services involve the modification, optimization, and customization of microorganisms, cells, or other biological entities for specific applications. This field plays a crucial role in various industries, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and environmental science. The goal is...

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Experience the future of synthetic biology with our One-Stop Services, where innovation and convenience converge. From design to build, test, and learn, our platform covers every aspect of your synthetic biology project lifecycle—simplify your journey to groundbreaking discoveries with our unified, cutting-edge solutions.





About Design


Revolutionize the synthetic biology design phase with our advanced AI and Computer-Aided Design tools. Our AI algorithms analyze vast biological datasets to suggest optimal gene sequences, metabolic pathways, or protein structures, drastically reducing the time-to-prototype while unlocking new avenues for biological innovation.

About Build


Unlock the full potential of the synthetic biology projects with our CRISPR and DNA/RNA synthesis solutions, all integrated seamlessly into the build phase. Elevate the gene editing accuracy to unprecedented levels with our CRISPR technology, while our state-of-the-art DNA/RNA synthesis services bring the design to life quickly and reliably.

About Test


Transform the test phase with our cutting-edge high-throughput screening solutions. Dramatically increase the throughput and minimize error with our automated microfluidic systems, and pair that with our In silico screening solutions to simulate and predict biological behaviors, saving valuable time and resources.

About Learn


Maximize the insights gained from the synthetic biology projects with our AI and Machine Learning-powered database solutions. Our platform integrates research data into a rich, searchable database, enabling real-time analytics and predictive modeling. Use the power of machine learning to uncover hidden patterns, improve future designs, and iteratively refine the projects.

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