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Apoptosis Inhibitors

Apoptosis inhibitors are powerful tools that have the ability to block the process of programmed cell death known as apoptosis By preventing apoptosis these inhibitors can effectively promote cell survival and proliferation With their potential to regulate cell fate these inhibitors play a crucial role in various biological processes such as development tissue homeostasis and immune response As a result apoptosis inhibitors have gained significant attention in the field of biomedical research and hold promise for therapeutic applications in treating diseases characterized by excessive cell death

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
BC-0863 CPI-1189 183619-38-7 Online Inquiry
BC-0864 p-nitro-Pifithrin-α 389850-21-9 Online Inquiry
BC-0865 Pifithrin-µ 64984-31-2 Online Inquiry
BC-0866 Sodium tauroursodeoxycholate 35807-85-3 Online Inquiry
BC-0867 Caspase-Family Inhibitor Z-VAD-FMK 187389-52-2 Online Inquiry
BC-0869 FMK Negative Control 197855-65-5 Online Inquiry


Apoptosis inhibitors serve a crucial role in medical research as they are used to study and understand the intricate process of programmed cell death By preventing apoptosis researchers can analyze the impact on cell survival and function elucidating the underlying mechanisms that regulate cell death These inhibitors are instrumental in exploring potential treatments for various diseases including cancer where inhibiting apoptosis can promote tumor growth inhibition and enhance the efficacy of chemotherapy and radiation therapy Additionally apoptosis inhibitors have promising applications in regenerative medicine as they can support cell survival and tissue repair processes offering new avenues for treating degenerative diseases and promoting tissue regeneration

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