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Molecular Biology Tools

Our comprehensive range of molecular biology tools offers scientists and researchers the necessary resources to unlock the mysteries of genetic information and further advance our understanding of life processes at a molecular level These cutting-edge tools enable precise DNA manipulation gene expression analysis and protein characterization empowering scientists to unravel complex biological mechanisms and drive impactful discoveries in various fields including medicine agriculture and environmental science With our high-quality molecular biology tools you can enhance your research capabilities and accelerate breakthroughs in the ever-evolving world of molecular biology

Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
BC-0361 Blasticidin S Hydrochloride 3513-03-9 Online Inquiry
BC-0460 Streptozocin 18883-66-4 Online Inquiry
MC-0004 DTT (Solution) 3483-12-3 Online Inquiry
MC-0007 IPTG, Animal-Free (Dioxane-Free) 367-93-1 Online Inquiry
MC-0010 TCEP Hydrochloride 51805-45-9 Online Inquiry


Molecular biology tools are an indispensable resource in a wide range of scientific disciplines Researchers across various fields use these tools to study the structure function and interactions of biological molecules In genetics molecular biology tools enable the analysis of DNA and RNA sequences which can provide insights into the underlying mechanisms of diseases and help in the development of targeted therapies In proteomics these tools aid in the identification and characterization of proteins leading to a better understanding of their roles in biological processes Furthermore molecular biology tools are essential in drug development allowing scientists to screen and evaluate potential drug candidates for effectiveness and safety Overall the applications of molecular biology tools are crucial for advancing our knowledge in biology and have far-reaching implications in human health and scientific innovation

Please note that all services are for research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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