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Pro-caspase Activators

Pro-caspase Activators

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Pro-caspase Activators

Pro-caspase activators are a class of compounds that serve as potent regulators of programmed cell death also known as apoptosis These molecules have the ability to activate the inactive pro-caspase enzymes thereby initiating the cascade of molecular events that ultimately leads to cell death By stimulating apoptosis in specific cells pro-caspase activators hold great promise for therapeutic applications in diseases like cancer where the regulation of cell death is disrupted Our company offers a range of high-quality pro-caspase activators to support research and drug development in this exciting field

Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
BC-0101 PAC-1 315183-21-2 Online Inquiry


Pro-caspase activators are essential tools in the field of apoptosis research where they are used to study and manipulate the complex pathway of programmed cell death By activating pro-caspases these substances can initiate the cascade of events leading to cell death allowing researchers to investigate the underlying mechanisms and develop potential therapeutic interventions Additionally pro-caspase activators have applications in cancer research where they can be utilized to induce apoptosis in cancer cells offering promising strategies for targeted cancer therapies

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