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AMPK Activators

AMPK activators are a type of substance that plays a crucial role in regulating cellular energy balance AMPK or Adenosine Monophosphate-Activated Protein Kinase is an enzyme that is activated in response to low energy levels in cells When activated AMPK promotes ATP production which is the primary energy currency in cells By activating AMPK these substances help enhance cellular energy production promoting overall metabolic balance and potentially improving various aspects of cellular function Our company offers a range of advanced AMPK activators that can be used in research and potentially have applications in therapeutic interventions

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
BC-0007 A-769662 844499-71-4 Online Inquiry
BC-0008 AICA riboside, 5'-phosphate 3031-94-5 Online Inquiry
BC-0009 AMPK Activator, D942 849727-81-7 Online Inquiry
BC-0010 ASP-4132 tosylate 1640294-30-9 Online Inquiry
BC-0011 BIX 01294 935693-62-2 Online Inquiry
BC-0012 Cordycepin 73-03-0 Online Inquiry
BC-0013 EX-229 1219739-36-2 Online Inquiry
BC-0015 IM156 1422365-93-2 Online Inquiry
BC-0016 MK-3903 1219737-12-8 Online Inquiry
BC-0017 MOTS-c (human) 1627580-64-6 Online Inquiry
BC-0018 PF-06409577 1467057-23-3 Online Inquiry
BC-0019 Phenformin hydrochloride 834-28-6 Online Inquiry
BC-0020 PT1 331002-70-1 Online Inquiry
BC-0021 Wedelolactone 524-12-9 Online Inquiry
BC-0022 ZLN024 hydrochloride 723249-01-2 Online Inquiry


The AMPK Activators offer a wide range of applications in both the field of research and medicine In research these activators are commonly used to study the role and function of AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase) in various biological processes By activating AMPK scientists can explore its impact on energy metabolism cellular growth and other important pathways providing valuable insights into the mechanisms underlying diseases such as diabetes and cancer

In the medical field AMPK activators are being investigated for their potential therapeutic effects Activation of AMPK has shown promise in managing metabolic disorders such as obesity and type 2 diabetes by promoting glucose uptake and fatty acid oxidation Additionally AMPK activators may have anti-inflammatory effects making them a potential treatment option for inflammatory diseases

With their unique ability to stimulate AMPK these activators hold promise for future developments in research and medicine offering new avenues for understanding and treating a variety of diseases and conditions

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Please note that all services are for research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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