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Stable Isotope Labelled

Stable isotope labelled compounds are invaluable tools in the field of biological and biomedical research These unique compounds have isotopes with non-radioactive properties allowing for safe and accurate tracking of molecular processes within living systems By replacing specific atoms with their stable isotope counterparts researchers can study metabolic pathways analyze protein interactions and investigate drug metabolism with enhanced precision Our company specializes in providing a wide range of stable isotope labelled compounds ensuring researchers have access to the highest quality tools for their studies

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BC-12069 Adapalene-d3 1276433-89-6 Online Inquiry


Stable isotope labelled compounds have a wide range of applications in various scientific fields In the field of chemistry these compounds are used for quantitative analysis and tracing the metabolic pathways of different molecules They can be used as internal standards in mass spectrometry to accurately measure concentrations of target analytes Additionally stable isotope labelled compounds are valuable tools in drug discovery and development as they can help determine drug bioavailability metabolism and potential drug-drug interactions

In the field of environmental science stable isotope labelled compounds are employed to study ecological processes and investigate the fate and transport of contaminants in ecosystems By tracking the movement of labelled compounds researchers can gain insights into nutrient cycling pollution sources and the impact of human activities on the environment

In the field of medical research stable isotope labelled compounds are used in studies involving metabolic pathways and drug metabolism They can be administered to patients or laboratory animals to trace the fate of drugs in the body assess drug efficacy and evaluate the pharmacokinetics of potential therapeutics

Overall stable isotope labelled compounds are indispensable tools in various scientific disciplines enabling researchers to gain a deeper understanding of complex biological chemical and environmental processes

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