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Wax Esters

Wax esters are unique lipid compounds that serve a variety of important functions in biological systems These esters are composed of long-chain fatty acids joined to long-chain alcohols and they can be found in different organisms ranging from plants to marine animals Wax esters provide structural support insulation and protection making them essential for the survival and well-being of these organisms Additionally they have attracted significant attention due to their potential applications in the industrial and cosmetic fields where their properties as emollients lubricants and water-repellent agents make them highly valuable Our company offers a wide range of high-quality wax esters for various applications in different industries

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
LP-1354 Propyl Laurate 3681-78-5 Online Inquiry
LP-1355 Lauryl Laurate 13945-76-1 Online Inquiry
LP-1356 Myristyl Laurate 22412-97-1 Online Inquiry
LP-1357 Palmityl Laurate 20834-06-4 Online Inquiry
LP-1358 Stearyl Laurate 3234-84-2 Online Inquiry
LP-1359 Arachidyl Laurate 36617-18-2 Online Inquiry
LP-1360 Behenyl Laurate 42231-82-3 Online Inquiry
LP-1361 Myristoleyl Laurate 2692623-52-0 Online Inquiry
LP-1362 Oleyl Laurate 19149-85-0 Online Inquiry
LP-1363 Linoleyl Laurate 914926-18-4 Online Inquiry
LP-1364 Linolenyl Laurate 2692623-53-1 Online Inquiry
LP-1365 Lauryl Myristate 2040-64-4 Online Inquiry
LP-1366 Myristyl Myristate 3234-85-3 Online Inquiry
LP-1367 Palmityl Myristate 2599-01-1 Online Inquiry
LP-1368 Stearyl Myristate 3234-81-9 Online Inquiry


Wax esters have a wide range of applications across various industries In the cosmetics industry wax esters are commonly used as emollients and occlusives providing moisturizing and protective properties to skincare and hair care products They help in maintaining the skin's natural hydration reducing water loss and leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft In addition wax esters can also enhance the stability and texture of cosmetic formulations

In the pharmaceutical industry wax esters have applications in controlled release drug delivery systems Their unique physical properties allow for the sustained release of active ingredients resulting in extended drug action and improved patient compliance Wax esters can also be used as lubricants in tablet manufacturing ensuring smooth tablet compaction and reducing the risk of sticking or capping

In the food industry wax esters find applications in the production of various food products They are used as coating agents for fruits and vegetables providing a protective layer that preserves freshness and extends shelf life Wax esters can also be used as texturizers giving a smooth and creamy mouthfeel to food products such as spreads sauces and desserts

Furthermore wax esters are used in the production of candles and polishes due to their excellent burn characteristics and glossy finish They provide a longer burning time reduced dripping and a clean soot-free flame in candles In polishes wax esters contribute to a high shine and enhanced protection for surfaces such as wood leather and metal

Overall the diverse applications of wax esters in cosmetics pharmaceuticals food and other industries highlight their versatility and value as a biological-related product

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