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DAP (2,3-Diaminopropionic Acid)

DAP also known as 23-Diaminopropionic Acid is a crucial compound in biological processes particularly in protein synthesis and neurotransmission This amino acid serves as a building block for the production of essential proteins in the body and plays a significant role in the functioning of the nervous system With our high-quality DAP product you can ensure the availability of this vital compound for various research and industrial applications as well as for the development of pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements

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Catalog Number Product Name Product Size CAS Number Price
UD-0352 Boc-Dap-OH 1 g 73259-81-1 Online Inquiry
UD-0353 Z-Dap(Fmoc)-OH 500 mg 142855-80-9 Online Inquiry
UD-0354 Fmoc-Dap(Boc)-OH 5 g 162558-25-0 Online Inquiry
UD-0355 Z-Dap-OH 5 g 35761-26-3 Online Inquiry
UD-0356 D-2,3-Diaminopropionic acid monohydrochloride 5 g 6018-56-0 Online Inquiry
UD-0357 Fmoc-Dap-OH 1 g 181954-34-7 Online Inquiry
UD-0358 L-2,3-Diaminopropionic acid hydrochloride 1 g 1482-97-9 Online Inquiry
UD-0359 Z-Dap(Boc)-OH 500 mg 16947-84-5 Online Inquiry
UD-0360 Boc-Dap(Z)-OH (dicyclohexylammonium) salt 5 g 65710-58-9 Online Inquiry
UD-0361 Boc-Dap(Fmoc)-OH 5 g 122235-70-5 Online Inquiry


DAP (23-Diaminopropionic Acid) finds broad applications in various fields thanks to its unique properties and benefits In the field of pharmaceuticals DAP is widely used as a building block for the synthesis of drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients Its versatile chemical structure enables the creation of novel compounds that can target specific diseases and promote therapeutic effects

Additionally DAP plays a crucial role in the development of peptide-based drugs and bioconjugates Its ability to serve as a linker or spacer molecule makes it an essential component in the production of peptide therapeutics drug delivery systems and diagnostics

In the field of biotechnology DAP is used for the production of high-value compounds such as amino acids bio-based polymers and specialty chemicals Its incorporation in microbial fermentation processes enhances the efficiency and productivity of these biotechnological processes

Moreover DAP has applications in the field of agriculture where it serves as a precursor for the synthesis of plant growth regulators These regulators help to promote plant growth increase crop yield and enhance the overall quality of agricultural products

In summary DAP's multifaceted applications and versatility make it a valuable tool in drug development biotechnology and agriculture offering a wide range of possibilities for innovation and advancement in various industries

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