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Cholesterol Strain Engineering

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CD Biosynsis offers a cutting-edge biosynthesis of cholesterol service, catering to diverse industries. Leveraging advanced synthetic biology technology, we provide customized solutions for cholesterol biosynthesis.


Biosynthesis of cholesterol is the process of manufacturing cholesterol molecules through synthetic biology techniques. Cholesterol is a vital lipid compound essential for cellular structure, and signaling, and as a precursor for various bioactive molecules. Traditionally, cholesterol is sourced from animal tissues, but our innovative approach allows for sustainable, customizable, and cost-effective production.

Cholesterol biosynthesis and uptake in developing neurons. Fig 1. Cholesterol biosynthesis and uptake in developing neurons. (Genaro-Mattos, et al., 2019)

Biosynthesis of Cholesterol: Technical Advantages

  • Sustainability. Eliminates the need for cholesterol extraction from animal sources, reducing environmental impact.
  • Cost-Effectiveness. Provides a cost-efficient alternative to traditional extraction methods.
  • Purity Control. Ensures high purity and customizable cholesterol production.
  • Consistency. Enables consistent and reproducible cholesterol synthesis.

Cholesterol Biosynthesis Pathway

Cholesterol biosynthesis follows a highly regulated and intricate pathway. Key steps include the conversion of acetyl-CoA into mevalonate, which is further modified through a series of enzymatic reactions, ultimately leading to cholesterol production. This pathway serves as the foundation for our innovative biosynthesis cholesterol service.

Cholesterol Biosynthesis Pathway

What We Can Do

  • Customized cholesterol production based on your specifications.
  • Quality control and purity assurance.
  • Scalable production capabilities.
  • Timely delivery and logistical support.

Our Core Technologies and Tools

Our Biosynthesis Cholesterol Service relies on state-of-the-art technologies and tools, categorized as follows:

  • Metabolic Engineering. Manipulation of cellular pathways to enhance cholesterol production.
  • Fermentation. Utilization of bioreactors for microbial cholesterol synthesis.
  • Analytical Chemistry. Advanced techniques for purity assessment.
  • Genetic Engineering. Genetic modification of microbial hosts for improved yield.

Applications of Our Service

Our biosynthesis cholesterol service finds application in various fields, including:

  • Pharmaceutical research and drug development.
  • Cell culture and media supplementation.
  • Biotechnology and academic research.
  • Cosmetic and skincare product formulation.
  • Food industry for fortified products.

CD Biosynsis specializes in the field of synthetic biology, offering tailored solutions for diverse industries. We excel in producing high-quality cholesterol through advanced technologies, ensuring efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Contact us today to explore how our expertise can transform your cholesterol-related need.


  1. Genaro-Mattos.; et al. Cholesterol biosynthesis and uptake in developing neurons. ACS chemical neuroscience. 2019, 10(8), 3671-3681.

Please note that all services are for research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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