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Chloride Channel Blockers

Chloride channel blockers are a class of compounds that have the ability to inhibit the activity of chloride channels which are essential for the regulation of chloride ions in cells By blocking chloride channels these compounds can disrupt the flow of chloride ions across cell membranes leading to various physiological effects Due to their ability to modulate chloride ion transport chloride channel blockers have important implications in the treatment of various diseases and disorders including cystic fibrosis epilepsy and hypertension Our company offers a range of high-quality chloride channel blockers that are widely used in both research and clinical settings

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
EI-0490 CaCCinh-A01 407587-33-1 Online Inquiry
EI-0570 CFTR Inhibitor-172 307510-92-5 Online Inquiry
EI-0627 CLP-290 1181083-81-7 Online Inquiry
EI-1809 PPQ-102 931706-15-9 Online Inquiry


Chloride channel blockers have a wide range of applications in both research and medicine In the field of research these blockers are commonly used to study the role of chloride channels in biological processes By selectively blocking these channels scientists can observe their effects on cell signaling membrane potential and other important physiological functions This research can provide valuable insights into the development of new drugs and therapies targeting chloride channels

In medicine chloride channel blockers are used to treat various conditions related to chloride channel dysfunction For example they are used to alleviate symptoms of cystic fibrosis a genetic disorder characterized by the buildup of thick mucus in the lungs and other organs By blocking chloride channels these blockers help improve the function of the respiratory system and alleviate breathing difficulties

Additionally chloride channel blockers are employed in the management of cardiac arrhythmias By blocking specific chloride channels involved in abnormal electrical impulses these blockers help restore normal heart rhythm and reduce the risk of potentially life-threatening arrhythmias

Overall chloride channel blockers have proven to be valuable tools in both research and medical applications offering insights into biological processes and providing therapeutic interventions for various conditions

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