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ROR Ligands

ROR ligands are a class of molecules that specifically target the Retinoic Acid-Related Orphan Receptors (RORs) These receptors are transcription factors that play a crucial role in regulating various physiological processes including development metabolism and immune function By modulating the activity of RORs ROR ligands have the potential to provide therapeutic benefits in a wide range of conditions such as autoimmune diseases cancer and metabolic disorders Our company offers a diverse range of high-quality ROR ligands for researchers and pharmaceutical companies looking to investigate the therapeutic potential of targeting RORs

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
BC-0144 24(S)-Hydroxycholesterol 474-73-7 Online Inquiry
BC-0145 GSK2981278 1474110-21-8 Online Inquiry


ROR ligands offer a wide range of applications in the field of immunology and drug discovery One key application is in modulating the immune response as ROR ligands can be used to activate or inhibit specific immune cells or pathways This makes them valuable tools in the development of immunotherapies for various autoimmune diseases allergies and cancer

In addition ROR ligands have shown potential in the field of metabolic diseases such as diabetes and obesity By targeting ROR receptors involved in metabolic regulation these ligands can modulate key metabolic processes including lipid metabolism and glucose homeostasis This paves the way for the development of novel treatments for these widespread and challenging conditions

Furthermore ROR ligands have demonstrated promising effects in the field of neurological disorders Through their ability to modulate neuroinflammation and oxidative stress ROR ligands hold potential for the treatment of conditions such as Alzheimer's disease and multiple sclerosis Further research is ongoing to explore the power of ROR ligands in addressing the complexities of the central nervous system

Overall ROR ligands are versatile tools that have the potential to revolutionize various areas of biology and medicine Their ability to modulate immune response metabolic processes and neuroinflammation opens up exciting possibilities for the development of innovative treatments and therapies

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