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Strain Engineering for Phenylalanine

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CD Biosynsis is committed to expanding the application of phenylalanine by solving problems in phenylalanine synthesis through strain screening and construction of high-yielding engineered strains, fermentation process optimization, and metabolic flow regulation.

Advantages of Synthetic Biology-Driven Phenylalanine Production

Phenylalanine is an aromatic amino acid that cannot be synthesized by humans and animals, but can be synthesized by microorganisms, and is an essential amino acid. At present, the synthesis methods of phenylalanine include chemical synthesis, enzymatic synthesis, and microbial fermentation. Chemical synthesis of phenylalanine is complicated, requires the use of toxic chemicals, and pollutes the environment. However, enzymatic synthesis and microbial fermentation, which rely on synthetic biology techniques with mild reaction conditions and less environmental pollution, have become important methods for the industrial production of phenylalanine.

Figure 1. Phenylalanine synthesis. (Bross CD, et al., 2017)Figure 1. Phenylalanine synthesis. (Bross CD, et al., 2017)

What We Provide

Based on synthetic biology strategies, we are able to optimize the microbial production process of phenylalanine and maximize the potential of the phenylalanine biosynthesis pathway.

Genetic Engineering

We are able to provide solutions involving the synergistic expression control of multiple genes to help our customers improve their phenylalanine production.

Metabolic Engineering

We are committed to the overall regulation of the phenylalanine metabolic pathway using sequential inhibition and metabolic interlocking.

Computer-Aided Design

We have been trying to use the application of mathematical and computer techniques for the improvement and screening of engineered strains, expecting to accelerate strain development by constructing mathematical models or data analysis.

Precision Fermentation

We can help our customers design experiments to optimize the entire fermentation process to maintain the appropriate media conditions during fermentation.


  • Phenylalanine producing microorganisms.
  • L-phenylalanine, and D-phenylalanine.

How We Can Help

Development of Microbial Chassis for Phenylalanine Production

Currently, the main microbial strains used for phenylalanine production are E. coli and Corynebacterium. We have been working to optimize or develop potential strains that can be used for phenylalanine production through molecular biology techniques. Please contact us directly if you have other chassis of interest for phenylalanine production.

Improving the Production of Phenylalanine by Multi-Enzyme Reaction System

The high cost and limited sources of raw materials such as substrates and enzymes for the enzymatic synthesis of phenylalanine have limited the industrial application of this method. Our scientists expect to reconstruct a multiple enzyme reaction system in vitro based on the phenylalanine biosynthetic pathway, and thus use the system to detect potential problems in the phenylalanine metabolic pathway and promote the efficient construction of engineered strains.

Optimization Fermentation Process

We can help our customers develop and test fermentation parameters adapted to the industrial production of phenylalanine on a laboratory scale. We can provide services such as media optimization, substrate feed rate control, oxygen supply rate control, and fermentation process involvement design.

Applications of Phenylalanine

CD Biosynsis can develop tailored tools and customized approaches to harness the power of synthetic biology to drive phenylalanine production and meet the needs of customers in a variety of industries.

  • As a feed additive.
  • As a food additive.
  • As a flavor and aroma enhancer.
  • As an important component of nutritional health products.
  • As an important component of cosmetic products.
  • Used in the production of aspartame, a low-calorie sweetener.
  • As an intermediate and good carrier for the synthesis of therapeutic oncology drugs.

Want to Learn More?

CD Biosynsis provides the most comprehensive and efficient solutions for synthetic biology workflows. We are committed to helping our customers solve all problems encountered in phenylalanine production to advance their applications in a wide range of fields. Each of our deliverables will undergo a rigorous quality inspection test to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the results. If you are interested in our services or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  1. Bross CD, et al. Subcellular localization of Arabidopsis arogenate dehydratases suggests novel and non-enzymatic roles. J Exp Bot. 2017 Mar 1; 68(7): 1425-1440.

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