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Purine Strain Engineering

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CD Biosynsis specializes in providing cutting-edge biosynthesis purine services, offering comprehensive solutions for the synthesis and customization of purine compounds. Leveraging advanced synthetic biology technologies, we deliver tailored purine molecules to meet the diverse needs of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and research industries.

The de novo purine biosynthesis pathway. Fig 1. The de novo purine biosynthesis pathway. (Chua S M, et al., 2020)

Biosynthesis Purine: Background and Technical Advantages

Biosynthesis purine, often referred to as the de novo purine biosynthesis pathway, is a complex metabolic pathway within living organisms responsible for the de novo synthesis of purine nucleotides, critical components of DNA and RNA. This intricate biochemical process involves multiple enzymatic reactions and plays a fundamental role in cell proliferation, energy transfer, and genetic information storage. Key technical advantages include:

  • Precise Control of Purine Production. The biosynthesis purine pathway allows for precise control over the synthesis of purine nucleotides. This control is vital for the production of specific purine compounds with defined chemical structures and purities, a crucial advantage in drug development and genetic engineering.
  • Metabolic Engineering and Optimization. Researchers can modify and optimize this pathway to enhance purine production yields and efficiency. This capability is invaluable in industries where high yields of purine compounds are required, such as in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Quality Control and Purity Assurance. The biosynthesis purine pathway allows for rigorous quality control standards to be implemented, ensuring the purity and consistency of the final products. This is particularly crucial in the pharmaceutical industry to meet regulatory requirements.

Biosynthesis Purine: Pathway

The biosynthesis purine pathway is a series of biochemical reactions that lead to the production of purine nucleotides, such as adenosine and guanosine. These nucleotides are essential for the synthesis of DNA and RNA and are involved in various cellular processes.

Biosynthesis Purine: Pathway

Services We Offer

Our biosynthesis purine service encompasses a comprehensive range of offerings, including custom synthesis of purine nucleotides, pathway engineering, and metabolic optimization.

We tailor the production of purine compounds to your specific requirements, ensuring precise chemical structures and purities.

Our experts can optimize biosynthetic pathways to enhance purine production yields and efficiency.

We maintain rigorous quality control standards to guarantee the purity and consistency of the purine compounds we deliver.

Applications Based on Biosynthesis Purine

  • Pharmaceuticals and Drug Development: Development of antiviral drugs, anticancer agents, immunosuppressive drugs, etc.
  • Genetic Engineering: Customized purine nucleotides are utilized as substrates in gene editing technologies like CRISPR-Cas9, allowing for precise genetic modifications.
  • Diagnostic Tools and Assays: Purine compounds are used in diagnostic assays for various diseases, including cancer markers and genetic disorders.
  • Nucleic Acid Production: Purine nucleotides derived from biosynthesis purine pathways are essential for the synthesis of DNA and RNA molecules.
  • Vaccine Development: Purine-based processes contribute to the development of vaccines, including viral vectors and adjuvants.
  • Enzyme Engineering: Purine-related enzymes can be engineered for various biocatalytic processes in industry, such as biofuel production.

CD Biosynsis offers a cutting-edge approach to purine compound synthesis and customization. With a deep understanding of the biosynthesis purine pathway and a commitment to quality, we empower industries to explore new frontiers in drug development, genetic engineering, agriculture, diagnostics, and biotechnology. Contact us today to discover how our expertise can propel your projects to new heights.


  1. Chua, S. M.; et al. Surveying purine biosynthesis across the domains of life unveils promising drug targets in pathogens. Immunology and Cell Biology. 2020, 98.

Please note that all services are for research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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