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Fatty Alcohols

Fatty alcohols are versatile compounds that find applications in various industries including personal care pharmaceuticals and cosmetics These alcohols are derived from natural sources such as vegetable oils and animal fats and are known for their ability to act as emollients moisturizers and thickeners With their unique properties fatty alcohols enhance the texture stability and performance of various products making them essential ingredients in formulations for skin care products hair care products and pharmaceutical preparations Whether it's a luxurious moisturizer or a silky shampoo fatty alcohols play a crucial role in creating products that not only nourish and hydrate but also provide a delightful sensory experience

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
LP-1033 (S)-(-)-1,2,4-Butanetriol 42890-76-6 Online Inquiry
LP-1037 Heptanol 111-70-6 Online Inquiry
LP-1038 Octanol 111-87-5 Online Inquiry
LP-1039 Nonanol 143-08-8 Online Inquiry
LP-1040 Decanol 112-30-1 Online Inquiry
LP-1041 Undecanol 112-42-5 Online Inquiry
LP-1042 10-Undecenol 112-43-6 Online Inquiry
LP-1043 Dodecanol 112-53-8 Online Inquiry
LP-1044 11-Dodecenol 35289-31-7 Online Inquiry
LP-1045 Tridecanol 112-70-9 Online Inquiry
LP-1047 12-Tridecenol 16339-75-6 Online Inquiry
LP-1048 Tetradecanol 112-72-1 Online Inquiry
LP-1049 9(Z)-Tetradecenol 35153-15-2 Online Inquiry
LP-1050 9(E)-Tetradecenol 52957-16-1 Online Inquiry
LP-1051 Pentadecanol 629-76-5 Online Inquiry


Fatty alcohols find widespread applications across various industries In the personal care industry they are commonly used as emollients imparting smoothness and softness to cosmetic products such as lotions creams and hair conditioners Fatty alcohols also play a key role in the formulation of skincare products providing hydration and helping to lock in moisture

In the cleaning and detergent industry fatty alcohols are utilized as surfactants acting as active cleansing agents in products like dishwashing liquids laundry detergents and all-purpose cleaners Their ability to reduce surface tension and increase the wetting ability of water makes fatty alcohols essential for effective and efficient cleaning

Fatty alcohols also find applications in the pharmaceutical industry as excipients aiding in the formulation and delivery of various medications They can serve as emulsifiers solvents and viscosity modifiers ensuring the stability and efficacy of pharmaceutical formulations

Furthermore fatty alcohols are utilized in the production of lubricants plasticizers and industrial chemicals where their unique properties contribute to improved performance and functionality

Overall the versatile nature of fatty alcohols makes them indispensable across numerous industries providing a wide range of benefits and applications

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