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Polyprenols and Dolichols

Polyprenols and dolichols are essential lipid molecules that play a crucial role in various biological processes These long-chain compounds are involved in protein glycosylation which is the process of attaching sugar molecules to proteins Polyprenols and dolichols serve as carriers of these sugars facilitating their transfer and attachment to proteins in the endoplasmic reticulum This glycosylation process is vital for proper protein folding stability and functionality Additionally polyprenols and dolichols are also known for their antioxidant properties and their involvement in cellular lipid metabolism Our product offers a range of high-quality polyprenols and dolichols that are carefully extracted and purified to ensure their effectiveness in various biological applications

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
LP-2550 Hexaprenol 77551-14-5 Online Inquiry
LP-2551 Heptaprenol 5905-41-9 Online Inquiry
LP-2552 Octaprenol 5905-42-0 Online Inquiry
LP-2553 Nonaprenol 15639-69-7 Online Inquiry
LP-2554 Decaprenol 51743-70-5 Online Inquiry
LP-2555 Undecaprenol 50426-50-1 Online Inquiry
LP-2556 Dodecaprenol 10589-57-8 Online Inquiry
LP-2557 Tetradecaprenol 119629-02-6 Online Inquiry
LP-2558 Pentadecaprenol 10589-52-3 Online Inquiry
LP-2559 Hexadecaprenol 10589-53-4 Online Inquiry
LP-2560 Heptadecaprenol 101978-44-3 Online Inquiry
LP-2561 Octadecaprenol 26012-96-4 Online Inquiry
LP-2562 Nonadecaprenol 62032-41-1 Online Inquiry
LP-2563 Eicosaprenol 87205-86-5 Online Inquiry
LP-2564 Heneicosaprenol 101978-45-4 Online Inquiry


Polyprenols and dolichols are essential molecules that play a crucial role in various biological processes and have diverse applications in different fields

In the field of cosmetics and skincare polyprenols and dolichols are used for their potent antioxidant properties helping to reduce the visible signs of aging and promote healthy skin These molecules can also aid in the repair of damaged skin and improve overall skin texture and complexion

In pharmaceuticals polyprenols and dolichols have shown promising potential in the development of new drugs They can serve as valuable building blocks in the synthesis of drug compounds and have been found to enhance the efficacy of certain medications Additionally these molecules have been studied for their role in promoting cellular health and may have therapeutic applications in the treatment of diseases such as cancer and neurodegenerative disorders

In the field of nutrition polyprenols and dolichols are recognized for their role in supporting overall wellness These molecules have been investigated for their potential benefits in promoting immune system function cardiovascular health and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels

In the realm of research polyprenols and dolichols serve as important tools for studying various biological processes They are used to investigate the biosynthesis and metabolism of these molecules in different organisms and uncover their roles in cellular function and signaling pathways

Overall the applications of polyprenols and dolichols extend across multiple industries showcasing their significance in skincare pharmaceuticals nutrition and scientific research

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