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DAB (2,4-Diaminobutyric Acid)

DAB short for 24-Diaminobutyric Acid is a key component in various biological processes As a non-protein amino acid DAB plays crucial roles in plant growth and development acting as a signaling molecule and an inducer of stress responses Its unique chemical structure allows DAB to contribute to the defense mechanisms of plants against pathogens such as fungi and bacteria Additionally DAB has been studied for its potential therapeutic applications particularly in the field of neuroscience where it has shown promise in protecting against neurodegenerative diseases With its diverse range of functions DAB has become an integral part of many research and development endeavors in the biological sciences

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Catalog Number Product Name Product Size CAS Number Price
UD-0349 L-2,4-Diaminobutyric acid dihydrochloride 1 g 1883-09-6 Online Inquiry
UD-0350 Boc-Dab(Alloc)-OH (dicyclohexylammonium) salt 1 g 327156-92-3 Online Inquiry
UD-0351 Fmoc-Dab(Boc)-OH 1 g 125238-99-5 Online Inquiry


DAB (24-Diaminobutyric Acid) has a wide range of applications in the field of biology In research DAB is commonly used as a marker to visualize and detect the presence of certain enzymes or proteins Its ability to produce a distinctive brown color when oxidized makes it a valuable tool in various experimental techniques such as immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry

Additionally DAB has potential therapeutic applications Studies have shown that DAB can enhance neuronal growth and protect against neurodegenerative diseases by promoting neuronal cell survival This makes it a promising candidate for the development of neuroprotective drugs

Furthermore DAB is also utilized in plant biology Its role as a precursor in the synthesis of polyamines which are important for plant growth and development makes it an essential component in plant tissue culture and genetic transformation

With its versatility and significant impact in various biological fields DAB proves to be an indispensable tool for researchers as well as a promising substance for therapeutic and plant-related applications

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