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DHA Omega-3 Strain Engineering

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DHA Omega-3 Strain Engineering

DHA Omega-3 is a crucial type of omega-3 fatty acid that has been extensively studied for its numerous health benefits. It is particularly important for brain development, cognitive function, and cardiovascular health. However, the human body has limited capacity to produce DHA Omega-3 efficiently, which necessitates the need for external sources such as diet or supplements.

Studying the biosynthesis and production of DHA Omega-3 is vital to meet the increasing demand for this essential nutrient. By gaining a deeper understanding of the biosynthesis pathway and optimizing the production process, we can develop more sustainable and cost-effective methods to obtain DHA Omega-3. This knowledge can lead to advancements in the field, making it easier to provide a stable and reliable supply of DHA Omega-3 to consumers.

Chemical structure of some polyphenolsChemical structure of some polyphenols (J Rainha, et al., 2020)

What is DHA Omega-3 biosynthesis pathway?

The DHA Omega-3 biosynthesis pathway involves a complex series of biochemical reactions that occur within living organisms to produce DHA Omega-3. It encompasses the conversion of precursor molecules into DHA Omega-3 through a cascade of enzymatic reactions. By studying this pathway, we can uncover the key steps and enzymes involved, allowing us to gain insights into the mechanisms of DHA Omega-3 biosynthesis. This knowledge is crucial for developing strategies to enhance the production of DHA Omega-3 and improve its availability for various applications.

What is DHA Omega-3 Strain Engineering?

DHA Omega-3 Strain Engineering is a cutting-edge approach that focuses on genetically modifying microorganisms to enhance their capability to produce DHA Omega-3. By introducing specific genes or modifying existing ones, we can optimize the metabolic pathways of microorganisms, enabling them to produce DHA Omega-3 more efficiently. This innovative technique offers a scalable and sustainable solution for DHA Omega-3 production.

Construction of plasmids pfBS-PS and placBS-PS carrying EPA/DHA gene clusterConstruction of plasmids pfBS-PS and placBS-PS carrying EPA/DHA gene cluster (M Amiri-Jami, et al., 2014)

Technical roadmap of DHA Omega-3 Strain Engineering

  1. Identification of suitable microorganisms for DHA Omega-3 production: We extensively screen and evaluate various microorganisms to identify the most promising candidates with the potential for high DHA Omega-3 production.
  2. Genetic modification to enhance DHA Omega-3 biosynthesis pathways: Through targeted genetic engineering techniques, we introduce genetic modifications to microorganisms to enhance their DHA Omega-3 biosynthesis capabilities. This involves optimizing key enzymes and metabolic pathways involved in the production process.
  3. Optimization of culture conditions for maximum DHA Omega-3 production: We meticulously optimize the culture conditions, such as temperature, pH, nutrient availability, and fermentation parameters, to create an ideal environment for microorganisms to produce high yields of DHA Omega-3.
  4. Development of high-yield DHA Omega-3 strains through selective breeding or gene editing techniques: By employing selective breeding or advanced gene editing techniques, we develop high-performing DHA Omega-3 strains with improved production characteristics. This enables us to continuously enhance the efficiency and yield of DHA Omega-3 production.

Application areas we can serve

Our DHA Omega-3 biosynthesis solution can be applied across various industries, including:

  • Nutraceutical and dietary supplement industries: We can provide high-quality DHA Omega-3 for incorporation into nutraceutical products and dietary supplements, helping consumers meet their nutritional needs.
  • Pharmaceutical and medical research: Our DHA Omega-3 can be used as a valuable resource for pharmaceutical companies and medical researchers in developing treatments and therapies for various health conditions.
  • Animal feed and aquaculture industries: We offer DHA Omega-3 for animal feed formulations, supporting the growth and health of livestock and aquatic organisms. This promotes the production of high-quality animal products and contributes to the sustainability of aquaculture.
  • Food and beverage industries: Our DHA Omega-3 can be utilized in the food and beverage industries to fortify products with this essential nutrient. This allows consumers to enjoy the health benefits of DHA Omega-3 while consuming their favorite foods and beverages.

Please contact us for cooperation and to learn more about how our DHA Omega-3 biosynthesis solution can benefit your business. We are eager to discuss your specific needs and provide you with tailored solutions to meet your requirements.

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