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GTPase Inhibitors

GTPase inhibitors are a class of molecules that specifically target and inhibit the activity of GTPases which are proteins involved in signal transduction and cellular processes such as cell division and migration By blocking the functioning of GTPases these inhibitors can disrupt the normal signaling pathways that rely on GTPase activity potentially leading to the suppression of tumor growth or the modulation of immune responses Our GTPase inhibitors offer a promising approach for researchers and pharmaceutical companies to study and target these crucial protein regulators in various disease contexts

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
EI-0450 BQU57 1637739-82-2 Online Inquiry
EI-0600 CID-1067700 314042-01-8 Online Inquiry
EI-1521 MRTX-1257 2206736-04-9 Online Inquiry
EI-1861 RBC8 361185-42-4 Online Inquiry


GTPase inhibitors are crucial tools in both research and medicine with a range of applications In the field of research GTPase inhibitors are used to investigate the role of GTPase enzymes in various cellular processes By inhibiting the activity of these enzymes scientists can gain insights into the signaling pathways and molecular mechanisms involved in cell growth proliferation and differentiation This knowledge can aid in the development of targeted therapies for diseases related to abnormal GTPase activity such as cancer and neurodegenerative disorders

In the realm of medicine GTPase inhibitors hold promise as potential therapeutic agents They have been shown to affect various cellular functions that are dysregulated in diseases such as cell migration and invasion which are critical processes in tumor metastasis Additionally GTPase inhibitors have demonstrated potential in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases by modulating the contractility of smooth muscle cells in blood vessels

Furthermore GTPase inhibitors are indispensable for drug discovery and development They serve as valuable screening tools in identifying and validating potential drug targets By specifically inhibiting GTPase activity researchers can assess the impact of target modulation and identify lead compounds that may have therapeutic potential

Overall GTPase inhibitors play a crucial role in advancing our understanding of cellular processes and hold promise for the development of novel treatments in various disease areas

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