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CDc42 Inhibitors

Our CDc42 inhibitors are cutting-edge biological tools that target and inhibit the activity of the protein CDc42 CDc42 is a crucial regulator of cell signaling pathways and cellular processes such as cell division cell migration and cell polarity By blocking the function of CDc42 our inhibitors offer researchers a powerful means to study and understand the intricate mechanisms underlying these processes Furthermore they hold great potential in the development of therapeutic strategies targeting diseases associated with abnormal CDc42 activity such as cancer and immune disorders With their high specificity and potency our CDc42 inhibitors provide an invaluable resource for both basic research and drug discovery efforts

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
EI-1495 ML141 71203-35-5 Online Inquiry
EI-2346 ZCL278 587841-73-4 Online Inquiry


CDc42 inhibitors are valuable tools in biological research for studying cellular processes and signaling pathways By inhibiting the activity of CDc42 researchers can gain insights into its role in processes such as cell migration cytoskeletal organization and cell polarity This understanding can contribute to the development of new therapeutic approaches for diseases and conditions involving abnormal CDc42 activity such as cancer and inflammatory disorders CDc42 inhibitors also have potential applications in drug discovery as they can be used to screen and identify compounds that specifically target the CDc42 pathway offering opportunities for the development of novel treatments

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