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Angiogenesis Inhibitors

Angiogenesis inhibitors are a class of compounds that hold great potential in the field of cancer therapy These innovative drugs work by targeting and inhibiting the formation of new blood vessels a process known as angiogenesis that tumors rely on to grow and spread By preventing the growth and development of blood vessels angiogenesis inhibitors effectively cut off the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tumor thereby slowing down or even halting its growth This targeted approach has shown promising results in clinical trials and offers new hope for patients with various types of cancer Our company specializes in developing and providing cutting-edge angiogenesis inhibitors to support the fight against cancer

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
BC-0678 Wogonoside 51059-44-0 Online Inquiry
BC-0715 Isoxanthohumol 70872-29-6 Online Inquiry
EI-0043 2-Methoxyestradiol 362-07-2 Online Inquiry
EI-0388 BIBF1120 656247-17-5 Online Inquiry
EI-0439 Borrelidin 7184-60-3 Online Inquiry
EI-0518 Castanospermine 79831-76-8 Online Inquiry
EI-0780 E7820 289483-69-8 Online Inquiry
EI-1012 Fumagillin 23110-15-8 Online Inquiry
EI-2021 SKLB610 1125780-41-7 Online Inquiry
EI-2163 Thiabendazole 148-79-8 Online Inquiry
EI-2201 Tranilast 53902-12-8 Online Inquiry


Angiogenesis inhibitors are a valuable tool in both research and medicine for studying and treating conditions related to the growth of new blood vessels In the field of research these inhibitors are utilized to investigate the mechanisms underlying angiogenesis and to explore potential therapeutics that target this process By inhibiting angiogenesis scientists can gain insights into diseases like cancer diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration

In medicine angiogenesis inhibitors are used to treat a range of conditions They are particularly effective in cancer therapy as they hinder the growth of new blood vessels that tumors rely on for nutrients and oxygen By blocking angiogenesis these inhibitors can limit tumor growth and prevent metastasis Additionally angiogenesis inhibitors have shown promise in the treatment of various eye diseases such as wet macular degeneration and diabetic macular edema

Overall angiogenesis inhibitors play a crucial role in both research and medical settings offering potential applications in the development of new therapies and the treatment of diseases where abnormal blood vessel formation is a contributing factor

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