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N-Methyl Amino Acids

N-methyl amino acids are a class of organic compounds that have gained attention in the field of biochemistry These unique amino acids feature an additional methyl group which imparts special properties and functionality N-methyl amino acids have been found to play a crucial role in the synthesis of peptides and proteins as well as in the development of drug molecules With their distinct chemical structure N-methyl amino acids offer exciting opportunities for novel drug designs and therapeutic applications Our company specializes in providing a diverse range of high-quality N-methyl amino acids for research and industrial purposes

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Catalog Number Product Name Product Size CAS Number Price
UD-0496 N,N-Dimethyl-L-phenylalanine 1 g 17469-89-5 Online Inquiry
UD-0497 Fmoc-N-Me-Aib-OH 1 g 400779-65-9 Online Inquiry
UD-0498 Fmoc-N-Me-Thr(Bzl)-OH 1 g 198561-81-8 Online Inquiry
UD-0499 N,N-Dimethylglycine 10 mg 1118-68-9 Online Inquiry
UD-0500 Fmoc-N-Me-Ala-OH 1 g 84000-07-7 Online Inquiry
UD-0501 L-Abrine 1 g 526-31-8 Online Inquiry
UD-0502 Boc-N-Me-Phe-OH 5 g 37553-65-4 Online Inquiry
UD-0503 Fmoc-N-Me-Phe-OH 1 g 77128-73-5 Online Inquiry
UD-0504 Fmoc-N-Me-Asp(OtBu)-OH 1 g 152548-66-8 Online Inquiry
UD-0505 Boc-N-Me-Ala-OH 1 g 16948-16-6 Online Inquiry


N-Methyl amino acids find various applications in the field of pharmaceuticals and drug development Due to their unique chemical structure these amino acids can be incorporated into peptide and protein structures to improve stability and enhance biological activity This makes them valuable in the design and synthesis of novel therapeutic agents such as peptide-based drugs

In addition N-Methyl amino acids have been utilized as chiral building blocks in organic synthesis The introduction of these amino acids into drug molecules can influence the stereochemistry and pharmacokinetic properties leading to improved drug efficacy and bioavailability

Furthermore N-Methyl amino acids also have applications in the field of proteomics and protein analysis They can be used as modifiers to detect and quantify proteins and peptides enabling researchers to study protein-protein interactions protein folding and post-translational modifications

Overall the versatile applications of N-Methyl amino acids make them essential tools for pharmaceutical research drug discovery and molecular biology studies

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