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Tankyrase Inhibitors

Tankyrase inhibitors are a class of compounds that have shown great potential in the field of cancer research These inhibitors specifically target the enzyme tankyrase which plays a critical role in a cellular process called the Wnt signaling pathway By inhibiting tankyrase these compounds can disrupt the aberrant activation of the Wnt pathway often observed in cancer cells leading to the suppression of tumor growth Tankyrase inhibitors have become a focus of intense study and development as they represent a promising avenue for the development of novel and targeted cancer therapies

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
EI-0275 AZ-6102 1645286-75-4 Online Inquiry
EI-1265 JW55 664993-53-7 Online Inquiry
EI-1510 MN64 92831-11-3 Online Inquiry
EI-2316 XAV939 284028-89-3 Online Inquiry


Tankyrase inhibitors have garnered significant attention in the field of cancer research and therapy These inhibitors are instrumental in blocking the activity of tankyrase enzymes which play a crucial role in the regulation of various cellular processes including DNA repair and telomere maintenance By inhibiting tankyrase these inhibitors have the potential to disrupt cancer cell growth and promote cell death making them promising candidates for the development of targeted cancer treatments

Furthermore tankyrase inhibitors have also shown promise in other therapeutic areas such as regenerative medicine By inhibiting tankyrase activity these inhibitors can enhance the regenerative capacity of cells making them valuable tools in tissue engineering and the development of regenerative therapies

Beyond their therapeutic applications tankyrase inhibitors are also widely used in biological research particularly in the study of cellular processes and signaling pathways Their ability to modulate tankyrase activity provides researchers with a powerful tool for investigating the role of tankyrase and related processes in various diseases and physiological functions Overall tankyrase inhibitors offer significant potential in both therapeutic and research applications making them an essential tool for scientists and healthcare professionals alike

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