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Fatty Acids Strain Engineering

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With cutting-edge synthetic biology technology, CD Biosynsis specializes in providing an advanced biosynthesis of fatty acids service. Leveraging the latest innovations in genetic engineering and bioprocess optimization, we enable the sustainable production of high-value fatty acids with applications spanning from pharmaceuticals to biofuels.

Outline of the Fatty Acid Biosynthesis Pathway in E. coli. Fig 1. Outline of the Fatty Acid Biosynthesis Pathway in E. coli. (Wright H T, et al., 2004)

Biosynthesis of Fatty Acids: Background and Technical Advantages

The biosynthesis of fatty acids is a complex metabolic pathway essential for cellular growth and energy storage. Our approach harnesses the power of synthetic biology, utilizing genetically engineered microorganisms to efficiently produce fatty acids with unparalleled purity and yield. Key technical advantages include:

  • Precise metabolic engineering for enhanced productivity.
  • Cost-effective and sustainable production methods.
  • Customizable fatty acid profiles tailored to specific applications.
  • Reduced environmental impact through renewable feedstocks.

Biosynthesis of Fatty Acids: Pathway

The biosynthesis of fatty acids pathway is a fundamental cellular process that involves the synthesis of long-chain fatty acids from acetyl-CoA. This pathway is crucial for cell membrane formation, energy storage, and the production of essential lipid-based molecules.

Biosynthesis of Fatty Acids: Pathway.

Services We Offer

Our service begins with precision metabolic engineering, where we tailor the genetic makeup of microorganisms to optimize fatty acid production. By fine-tuning metabolic pathways, we ensure maximum yield and purity, setting the stage for a superior final product.

Leveraging advanced bioreactor technology, we provide the ideal environment for microorganisms to thrive and synthesize fatty acids efficiently. Our controlled fermentation processes are scalable, enabling us to meet the demands of any project, from research to commercial production.

Following fermentation, our comprehensive downstream processing involves purification steps that eliminate impurities, resulting in fatty acids of exceptional quality. Our commitment to quality control ensures the consistency and reliability of our products.

We understand that different applications demand unique fatty acid compositions. Whether you require saturated, unsaturated, or polyunsaturated fatty acids, our service can be customized to meet your specific needs, providing you with the ideal lipid profile for your application.

Our Core Technologies and Tools

Our biosynthesis of fatty acids service relies on state-of-the-art technologies and tools, categorized as follows:

  • CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing.
  • Synthetic biology design platforms.
  • Metabolic pathway modeling.
  • High-throughput screening.
  • Bioprocess optimization tools.

Our biosynthesis of fatty acids service represents the pinnacle of synthetic biology innovation. With a deep understanding of metabolic pathways and a dedication to sustainability, CD Biosynsis delivers high-quality, customizable fatty acids for a wide range of industries. Contact us today to explore how our advanced technology can transform your products and processes for a more sustainable future.


  1. Wright, H. T. Cofactors in fatty acid biosynthesis—active site organizers and drug targets. Structure. 2004, 12(3), 358-359.

Please note that all services are for research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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