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FA Sodium Salts / Soaps

FA Sodium Salts/Soaps are essential components in various industries including personal care pharmaceuticals and cleaning products These salts are derived from fatty acids commonly found in natural oils and fats With their superb surfactant properties FA Sodium Salts/Soaps act as excellent emulsifiers dispersants and cleansing agents enabling them to effectively remove dirt grease and other impurities Additionally these salts contribute to the lathering and foaming properties of personal care products providing a luxurious sensory experience With their wide range of applications and versatile properties FA Sodium Salts/Soaps are an indispensable ingredient in the formulation of high-quality and effective products

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
EI-2036 Sodium butyrate 156-54-7 Online Inquiry
LP-1208 Sodium Propionate 137-40-6 Online Inquiry
LP-1210 Sodium Valerate 6106-41-8 Online Inquiry
LP-1211 Sodium Caproate 10051-44-2 Online Inquiry
LP-1212 Sodium Heptanoate 10051-45-3 Online Inquiry
LP-1213 Sodium Caprylate 1984-06-1 Online Inquiry
LP-1214 Sodium Nonanoate 14047-60-0 Online Inquiry
LP-1215 Sodium Caprate 1002-62-6 Online Inquiry
LP-1216 Sodium 10-Undecenoate 3398-33-2 Online Inquiry
LP-1217 Sodium Undecanoate 17265-30-4 Online Inquiry
LP-1218 Sodium Laurate 629-25-4 Online Inquiry
LP-1219 Sodium Tridecanoate 3015-50-7 Online Inquiry
LP-1220 Sodium Myristate 0822-12-8 Online Inquiry
LP-1221 Sodium Myristoleate 1011489-29-4 Online Inquiry
LP-1222 Sodium Myristelaidate 2692623-41-7 Online Inquiry


Our FA Sodium Salts/Soaps have a wide range of applications in various industries In the personal care and cosmetics industry these salts and soaps are commonly used as emulsifying agents and surfactants in the formulation of skincare products They help to stabilize oil and water mixtures leading to the creation of luxurious and effective products that cleanse and moisturize the skin

In the pharmaceutical industry FA Sodium Salts/Soaps are utilized in the production of medications and medical devices They can act as excipients aiding in the dissolution and absorption of active pharmaceutical ingredients ensuring optimal therapeutic effects Additionally these salts and soaps can be used as coating agents providing a protective layer on tablets or capsules

In the food and beverage industry FA Sodium Salts/Soaps are often employed as food additives and preservatives They can enhance the texture and stability of various food products such as baked goods sauces and dressings Moreover they serve as emulsifiers preventing the separation of oil and water in emulsified food products ensuring a smooth and consistent texture

Outside of these industries FA Sodium Salts/Soaps have applications in research and development They can be used as reagents in laboratory experiments to adjust pH levels or create specific chemical reactions Their versatility and compatibility with various substances make them invaluable tools for scientists and researchers in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology

Overall our FA Sodium Salts/Soaps offer a multitude of benefits and applications across different sectors making them essential components in a wide range of products and industries

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