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Phosphatase Inhibitors

Phosphatase inhibitors are essential components in biochemical and cell biology research These inhibitors play a crucial role in preventing the activity of phosphatase enzymes which are responsible for the removal of phosphate groups from proteins and other molecules By inhibiting phosphatase activity these inhibitors allow for the specific modulation of phosphorylation-dependent signaling pathways cellular processes and protein functions Our high-quality phosphatase inhibitors are designed to provide researchers with reliable and effective tools to study and manipulate cellular signaling cascades and investigate the intricate mechanisms of phosphorylation regulation

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
BC-0113 bpV(phen) 42494-73-5 Online Inquiry
BC-0114 bpV(pic) 148556-27-8 Online Inquiry
BC-0386 Cyclosporine A 59865-13-3 Online Inquiry
EI-0010 (-)-p-Bromotetramisole oxalate 62284-79-1 Online Inquiry
EI-0186 AMZ30 1313613-09-0 Online Inquiry
EI-0321 Bakuchiol 10309-37-2 Online Inquiry
EI-0432 BN-82002 396073-89-5 Online Inquiry
EI-0475 BVT948 39674-97-0 Online Inquiry
EI-0696 Cytostatin sodium 457070-06-3 Online Inquiry
EI-0988 FK-506 104987-11-3 Online Inquiry
EI-1004 Fostriecin sodium 87860-39-7 Online Inquiry
EI-1104 GSK-2814338 1420367-28-7 Online Inquiry
EI-1136 GSK2830371 1404456-53-6 Online Inquiry
EI-1226 IQ-1 331001-62-8 Online Inquiry
EI-1321 LB-100 1632032-53-1 Online Inquiry


Phosphatase inhibitors find extensive applications in the field of biological research and drug discovery They are essential tools for studying cellular signaling pathways as they can prevent the dephosphorylation of proteins by inhibiting phosphatase enzymes By maintaining phosphorylation levels scientists can gain insights into the role of specific proteins and signaling cascades in various cellular processes such as cell growth differentiation and apoptosis

In the study of diseases phosphatase inhibitors have therapeutic potential Alterations in phosphatase activity have been linked to numerous diseases including cancer diabetes and neurodegenerative disorders By selectively inhibiting specific phosphatases scientists can explore their role in disease progression and develop targeted therapies that modulate phosphorylation patterns

Phosphatase inhibitors also play a crucial role in drug discovery They can be used as screening tools to identify compounds that selectively inhibit specific phosphatases paving the way for the development of novel drugs that target specific signaling pathways Additionally phosphatase inhibitors can be utilized to enhance the potency and efficacy of existing drugs by preventing their dephosphorylation and subsequent inactivation

Overall phosphatase inhibitors are indispensable tools in biological research disease understanding and drug development offering a wide range of applications with significant implications for advancing scientific knowledge and improving human health

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