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Stable Isotope Labeled

Our stable isotope labeled products are a game-changer in the field of biological research These specialized compounds contain isotopes that are chemically identical to natural elements but have a different mass allowing for precise tracking and measurement within biological systems By incorporating these stable isotopes into molecules scientists can gain valuable insights into metabolic pathways protein interactions and other complex biological processes With our extensive range of stable isotope labeled products researchers can confidently delve into the intricacies of biological systems and uncover groundbreaking discoveries

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Stable Isotope Labeled products have a wide range of applications in scientific research and industries In the field of metabolomics Stable Isotope Labeled compounds are used as internal standards for accurate quantification and identification of metabolites in biological samples This enables researchers to gain a deeper understanding of metabolic pathways and their implications in various diseases and conditions

In the realm of drug development Stable Isotope Labeled compounds are used in pharmacokinetic studies to track the absorption distribution metabolism and excretion of drugs By incorporating isotopically labeled atoms into drug molecules researchers can assess their bioavailability in the body determine optimal dosage and assess potential drug-drug interactions

Stable Isotope Labeled compounds also play a crucial role in environmental research particularly in the study of pollutant fate and transport Isotope labeling allows scientists to track the movement and transformation of specific substances in ecosystems providing insights into contamination sources biogeochemical cycles and remediation strategies

Furthermore Stable Isotope Labeled compounds are utilized in forensic analysis food authenticity testing and archaeological studies The unique isotopic signatures of these compounds can provide valuable information about the origin authenticity and age of samples aiding in criminal investigations quality control of food products and historical research

Overall the applications of Stable Isotope Labeled products are diverse facilitating advancements in various fields and contributing to a deeper understanding of biological processes drug development environmental sciences and historical investigations

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