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FA Acetate

FA Acetate also known as Fatty Acid Acetate is a crucial compound with various applications in the field of biology It is a type of fatty acid derivative that plays a fundamental role in cellular metabolism and energy production Additionally FA Acetate serves as a precursor for the synthesis of lipids which are vital components of cell membranes and serve as signaling molecules With its diverse functions FA Acetate is an essential tool for researchers and scientists exploring the intricacies of cellular processes and studying the effects of fatty acids on various biological systems

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
LP-1106 Octanyl acetate 112-14-1 Online Inquiry
LP-1107 Nonyl acetate 143-13-5 Online Inquiry
LP-1108 Decanyl acetate 112-17-4 Online Inquiry
LP-1109 Undecanyl acetate 1731-81-3 Online Inquiry
LP-1110 10-Undecenyl acetate 112-19-6 Online Inquiry
LP-1111 Lauryl acetate 112-66-3 Online Inquiry
LP-1112 11-Dodecenyl acetate 35153-10-7 Online Inquiry
LP-1113 Tridecanyl acetate 1072-33-9 Online Inquiry
LP-1114 12-Tridecenyl acetate 84801-18-3 Online Inquiry
LP-1115 Myristyl acetate 638-59-5 Online Inquiry
LP-1116 9(Z)-Myristoleyl acetate 16725-53-4 Online Inquiry
LP-1117 Pentadecanyl acetate 629-58-3 Online Inquiry
LP-1118 10(Z)-Pentadecenyl acetate 64437-43-0 Online Inquiry
LP-1119 Palmityl acetate 629-70-9 Online Inquiry
LP-1120 9(Z)-Palmitoleyl acetate 34010-20-3 Online Inquiry


FA Acetate a biological-related product has a wide range of applications in various industries In the field of cosmetics FA Acetate is commonly used as a moisturizer and emollient providing skin hydration and softening properties Its ability to enhance skin's moisture retention makes it a valuable ingredient in skincare products contributing to a healthier and more youthful appearance

In the pharmaceutical industry FA Acetate plays a crucial role as an important intermediate in the synthesis of various drugs It is utilized in the production of antibiotics anti-inflammatory drugs and hormone medications among others Its versatility and compatibility with different drug formulations make it an essential component in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes

Furthermore FA Acetate is widely used in the food and beverage industry as a flavor enhancer Its natural fruity and sweet characteristics make it an ideal ingredient for adding a pleasant taste to a variety of food products such as confectioneries beverages and baked goods Its safe and approved nature makes it an appealing choice for food manufacturers

Overall the multifaceted applications of FA Acetate make it a valuable asset in various industries offering benefits in skincare pharmaceuticals and the food and beverage sector

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