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Biotin tags & Linkers

Biotin tags and linkers are essential tools in molecular biology and biochemical research They provide a versatile and efficient method for attaching biotin to molecules of interest Biotin a small vitamin molecule can then be used as a tag to facilitate detection purification or immobilization of the molecule Biotin tags and linkers play a crucial role in a wide range of applications including protein labeling enzyme assays and DNA and RNA detection Their ease of use specificity and high affinity for streptavidin or avidin make them valuable tools for researchers in the biological sciences Our company offers a comprehensive selection of biotin tags and linkers to meet the diverse needs of scientists and researchers

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
BC-11993 9-Methyl Biotin (mixture of diastereomers) 415725-35-8 Online Inquiry
OB-0007 Biotinyl Tyramide 41994-02-9 Online Inquiry
PP-0003 Biotin-LC-NHS 72040-63-2 Online Inquiry


Biotin tags & Linkers have a wide range of applications in the field of biological research and diagnostics These tools can be used for protein labeling purification and detection enabling researchers to study protein interactions localization and structure

In protein labeling biotin tags are attached to target proteins allowing for their specific identification and isolation using streptavidin or avidin-based techniques This enables researchers to study protein-protein interactions protein localization within cells and protein function

Biotin linkers are utilized in protein purification where they provide a means to attach proteins to solid surfaces such as beads or magnetic particles This facilitates the isolation and purification of specific proteins from complex mixtures leading to a better understanding of their role in biological processes

Furthermore biotin tags & linkers are valuable tools in diagnostics particularly in immunoassays By coupling biotin to antibodies or antigens researchers can develop highly sensitive detection methods Biotin-streptavidin or avidin interactions are exploited to create signal amplification systems enabling the detection of even trace amounts of target molecules

Overall biotin tags & linkers play an essential role in the advancement of biological research and diagnostics allowing for precise protein labeling purification and sensitive detection methods

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