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Acylglycerols are essential components of biological systems playing a crucial role in energy storage and serving as building blocks for more complex lipids These molecules consist of glycerol and fatty acids which are bonded together through ester linkages Acylglycerols are found in various forms including triglycerides which are the main storage form of energy in animals and mono- and diglycerides In addition to their physiological functions acylglycerols also have important applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries where they are used as emulsifiers stabilizers and carriers for various active ingredients Our company offers a range of high-quality acylglycerol products for various applications ensuring superior performance and reliability

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
LP-1403 Monopentanoin 97% 107615-19-0 Online Inquiry
LP-1404 Monohexanoin 26402-23-3 Online Inquiry
LP-1405 Monoheptanoin 97% 26402-24-4 Online Inquiry
LP-1406 Monooctanoin 26402-26-6 Online Inquiry
LP-1407 Monononanoin 26402-25-5 Online Inquiry
LP-1408 Monodecanoin 26402-22-2 Online Inquiry
LP-1409 Monoundecanoin 108652-83-1 Online Inquiry
LP-1410 10-Monoundecenoin 65684-27-7 Online Inquiry
LP-1411 Monolaurin 27215-38-9 Online Inquiry
LP-1412 11-Monododecenoin 184014-34-4 Online Inquiry
LP-1413 Monotridecanoin 50978-35-3 Online Inquiry
LP-1414 Monomyristin 27214-38-6 Online Inquiry
LP-1415 Monomyristolein 55030-82-5 Online Inquiry
LP-1416 Monopentadecanoin 104140-07-0 Online Inquiry
LP-1417 Monopalmitin 26657-96-5 Online Inquiry


Acylglycerols a biological-related product find numerous applications in various industries In the field of cosmetics acylglycerols serve as emollients and moisturizers providing hydration and improving the texture and appearance of the skin These versatile compounds also have applications in the food industry where they act as natural flavor enhancers and emulsifiers contributing to the taste and stability of various products Additionally acylglycerols have important roles in the pharmaceutical industry as they can be used as carriers for drugs and enhance their solubility and absorption in the body Their diverse range of applications makes acylglycerols a valuable ingredient in multiple sectors

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