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Norvaline Derivatives

Our Norvaline derivatives are cutting-edge compounds with a wide range of biological applications These derivatives of Norvaline a non-essential amino acid have been modified to enhance their properties and improve their effectiveness in various cellular processes With their ability to regulate protein synthesis and metabolism these derivatives offer immense potential in areas such as pharmaceutical research bioengineering and nutritional supplements Explore the remarkable capabilities of our Norvaline derivatives and unlock new possibilities in your biological studies and applications

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Catalog Number Product Name Product Size CAS Number Price
UD-0542 D-Norvaline 5 g 2013-12-9 Online Inquiry
UD-0543 DL-Norvaline 25 g 760-78-1 Online Inquiry
UD-0544 Boc-D-Nva-OH 5 g 57521-85-4 Online Inquiry
UD-0545 Boc-Nva-OH 5 g 53308-95-5 Online Inquiry
UD-0546 Fmoc-Nva-OH 5 g 135112-28-6 Online Inquiry


Norvaline derivatives have a wide range of applications in the field of pharmaceuticals These derivatives are commonly used in the development of drugs targeting metabolic disorders particularly those involving the regulation of amino acids By modifying the structure of norvaline scientists can create derivatives that exhibit enhanced therapeutic properties such as increased bioavailability or improved target specificity

In addition to their pharmaceutical applications norvaline derivatives are also utilized in the field of cosmetics These derivatives are often included in skincare products due to their ability to promote collagen synthesis and improve skin elasticity They can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles resulting in healthier and younger-looking skin

Furthermore norvaline derivatives play a significant role in the food and beverage industry They are used as natural flavor enhancers particularly in products like beverages sauces and condiments These derivatives can enhance the taste and aroma of food allowing manufacturers to create more appealing products Additionally norvaline derivatives can also act as preservatives extending the shelf life of certain food items and ensuring their freshness

Overall the versatility of norvaline derivatives makes them a valuable tool in the fields of pharmaceuticals cosmetics and food science offering numerous benefits and opportunities for innovation

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