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Omics Platforms

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CD Biosynsis provides a comprehensive omics toolbox and fully integrated platforms to power synthetic biology research. We can provide our customers with tailored solutions that meet specific research objectives and diverse applications to help them solve any problems encountered in their projects and bring breakthrough ideas to fruition.

Introduction to Omics Technology

Synthetic biology is an emerging discipline that integrates engineering, mathematics, and physics into biological systems to investigate and gain deeper insight into the natural cellular phenomena and thus covers vast areas of science. The broad goal of synthetic biology is to design and engineer genetic circuits with specific regulatable behavior. Synthetic biology is characterized by a forward engineering approach to empower the design, modifications, and creation of new biological parts, devices, and systems for useful purposes, as well as the redesign of existing natural systems for better performance. With rapid advances in molecular biology and bioinformatics, synthetic biology has made progressive advancement benefiting from the understanding and proper representation of the underlying biological complexity that allows the prediction of the behavior of target systems.

Omics technologies are high-throughput technologies that are of great importance to the field of synthetic biology where biological systems can be designed, interrogated, and tested. The term "omics" refers to the study of the roles, relationships, and actions of various types of molecules that make up cells, tissues, or organisms. The primary goal of omics technologies is the non-targeted identification of all gene products present in a specific biological sample. Omics technologies greatly increase the number of genes/proteins that can be detected simultaneously, linking complex mixtures with complex effects in the form of gene/protein expression profiles. Compared with single-layer omics with limited insight, multi-omics allows the understanding of the combined influence on the complex biological process. The omics data has the ability to capture the whole biological picture in an unbiased manner. In past years, omics tools have revolutionized synthetic biology concepts.

Figure 1. The investigation of central dogma of molecular biology by the invention of high-throughput technologies in respective omics ultimately led to the foundation of systems and synthetic biology. (Aizat W M, et al., 2018)Figure 1. The investigation of central dogma of molecular biology by the invention of high-throughput technologies in respective omics ultimately led to the foundation of systems and synthetic biology. (Aizat W M, et al., 2018)


Applications of Omics Technologies for Synthetic Biology – CD Biosynsis

Our Platforms

CD Biosynsis offers integrated omics platforms to help customers overcome the challenges of synthetic biology projects and accelerate their journey to success.

Integrated Omics Platforms – CD Biosynsis

CD Biosynsis is committed to the establishment of advanced technology platforms and is adept at tailoring services and solutions to the customer's needs and circumstances. We are confident in the validity and reproducibility of the results we deliver because all of our services and products are based on reliable technologies and optimized protocols to meet high standards.

To start your synthetic biology projects, please feel free to contact us for more details. Our experienced scientists are available for on-demand customer assistance to help you with any concerns you may have.


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