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Arginase Inhibitors

Arginase inhibitors are powerful compounds that play a crucial role in the field of biochemistry by blocking the activity of the enzyme arginase Arginase is responsible for the breakdown of the amino acid arginine into ornithine and urea By inhibiting this enzyme arginase inhibitors help regulate arginine metabolism which in turn can have a profound impact on various physiological processes These inhibitors have shown great promise in the treatment of diseases such as asthma cardiovascular disorders and certain cancers making them an essential tool for researchers and clinicians alike Our company offers a wide range of high-quality arginase inhibitors to support innovative research and the development of novel therapeutics

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
EI-0361 BEC 63107-40-4 Online Inquiry
EI-0529 CB-1158 2095732-06-0 Online Inquiry


Arginase inhibitors are a valuable tool in both research and medicine with diverse applications in the field of biology In research these inhibitors are used to study the role of arginase in various biological processes such as enzyme regulation immune response and cell growth By inhibiting arginase activity scientists can gain a better understanding of its function and potential therapeutic implications

In medicine arginase inhibitors show promise as potential treatments for diseases and conditions characterized by dysregulated arginase activity For example arginase inhibitors have been studied as potential therapeutics for cancer as arginase plays a role in immune suppression and tumor growth Inhibiting arginase could help enhance the immune response against cancer cells and potentially improve treatment outcomes

Furthermore arginase inhibitors have also been explored for their potential in treating conditions such as cardiovascular disease kidney disease and pulmonary hypertension where arginase activity contributes to pathological processes By inhibiting arginase these inhibitors could help regulate arginine metabolism and restore proper physiological function

In summary arginase inhibitors are valuable tools in both research and medicine offering insights into biological processes and potential therapeutic interventions Their applications range from studying enzyme regulation to developing treatments for various diseases and conditions

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