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Alanine Derivatives

Alanine derivatives are versatile compounds that have diverse applications in various fields of biology and chemistry These compounds are derived from the amino acid alanine which is an essential building block for proteins and plays a crucial role in metabolic pathways Alanine derivatives can be modified to enhance their solubility stability or target specificity making them invaluable tools in drug discovery bioconjugation and molecular imaging With their wide range of properties and functionalities our company offers a comprehensive selection of alanine derivatives to meet the specific needs of researchers and scientists in their pursuit of innovative solutions

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Catalog Number Product Name Product Size CAS Number Price
UD-0001 (S)-Boc-3-(3-pyridyl)-β-Ala-OH 500 mg 297773-45-6 Online Inquiry
UD-0002 N-[(S)-(+)-1-(Ethoxycarbonyl)-3-phenylpropyl]-L-alanine 5 g 82717-96-2 Online Inquiry
UD-0003 Boc-β-phenyl-Phe-OH 1 g 138662-63-2 Online Inquiry
UD-0004 Boc-2-Nal-OH 1 g 58438-04-3 Online Inquiry
UD-0005 Fmoc-(S)-2-(4-azidobutane)Ala-OH 100 mg 1050501-64-8 Online Inquiry
UD-0006 Boc-3-(4-pyridyl)-D-Ala-OH 1 g 37535-58-3 Online Inquiry
UD-0007 Fmoc-β-(3-pyridyl)-Ala-OH 1 g 175453-07-3 Online Inquiry
UD-0008 Fmoc-(S)-2-(6-azidohexane)Ala-OH 100 mg Online Inquiry
UD-0009 Fmoc-3-cyclopentyl-DL-Ala-OH 500 mg 1219422-04-4 Online Inquiry
UD-0010 2-Aminoisobutyric acid 10 g 62-57-7 Online Inquiry


Alanine derivatives have a wide range of applications in the field of pharmaceuticals and drug development These derivatives can be utilized as building blocks for the synthesis of novel compounds with potential therapeutic properties including antiviral antibacterial and anticancer agents Additionally alanine derivatives have been shown to possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties making them promising candidates for the treatment of various inflammatory and oxidative stress-related disorders The versatility and potential of alanine derivatives make them valuable tools in the advancement of biomedical research and the development of innovative therapies

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