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Stable Isotope Labelled

Our stable isotope labelled products are essential tools in the field of biomedical research These specialized compounds have isotopes incorporated into their molecular structure allowing scientists to track and trace specific molecules throughout various biological processes This enables a deeper understanding of metabolic pathways protein interactions and drug metabolism With our stable isotope labelled products researchers can confidently investigate complex biological systems and uncover valuable insights that can pave the way for advancements in medicine and scientific discovery

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BC-10406 L-Glutamine-2,3,3,4,4-d5 14341-78-7 Online Inquiry


Stable isotope labeling has a wide range of applications in various fields including scientific research environmental monitoring and medical diagnostics In scientific research stable isotope labeling is frequently used in metabolic studies to track the flow of substances such as nutrients or drugs through biological systems By incorporating stable isotopes into molecules of interest researchers can trace their movement and better understand metabolic pathways and interactions

In environmental monitoring stable isotope labeling enables scientists to track the fate and transport of pollutants in ecosystems By adding stable isotopes to contaminants researchers can determine their source movement and potential impacts on the environment This information is crucial for assessing and managing environmental risks

In the field of medical diagnostics stable isotope labeling plays a key role in improving disease detection and treatment monitoring By introducing stable isotopes into biomarkers medical professionals can accurately measure the presence and concentration of specific substances in the body This enables early detection of diseases precise monitoring of treatments and personalized medicine approaches

Overall stable isotope labeling offers a powerful and versatile tool for studying complex biological systems understanding environmental processes and advancing medical diagnostics

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