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Bcl-2 Inhibitors

Bcl-2 inhibitors are a class of drugs that target a protein called Bcl-2 which plays a crucial role in controlling cell death By inhibiting Bcl-2 these drugs help restore the normal balance of cell death and survival making them potential treatments for various types of cancer Research has shown that overexpression of Bcl-2 is associated with resistance to chemotherapy and radiation therapy and Bcl-2 inhibitors have shown promising results in overcoming this resistance and enhancing the effectiveness of cancer treatments Our company offers a range of innovative Bcl-2 inhibitors that are designed to specifically target and inhibit Bcl-2 providing new therapeutic options in the fight against cancer

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
BC-0829 AT-101 90141-22-3 Online Inquiry
EI-0079 A-1155463 1235034-55-5 Online Inquiry
EI-0080 A-1210477 1668553-26-1 Online Inquiry
EI-0081 A-1331852 1430844-80-6 Online Inquiry
EI-0099 ABT-263 923564-51-6 Online Inquiry
EI-0101 ABT-737 852808-04-9 Online Inquiry
EI-0357 BCl-2 Inhibitor GX15-070 803712-67-6 Online Inquiry
EI-0358 BCl-2 Inhibitor, ABT-199 1257044-40-8 Online Inquiry
EI-0360 BDA366 1909226-00-1 Online Inquiry
EI-0378 BH3I-1 300817-68-9 Online Inquiry
EI-0536 CC-122 1015474-32-4 Online Inquiry
EI-0602 CID-5721353 301356-95-6 Online Inquiry
EI-1155 HA14-1 65673-63-4 Online Inquiry
EI-1835 Pyridoclax 1651890-44-6 Online Inquiry
EI-1936 S63845 1799633-27-4 Online Inquiry


Bcl-2 inhibitors offer promising applications in the field of cancer research and treatment By targeting and inhibiting the Bcl-2 protein which plays a role in promoting cell survival and preventing apoptosis (cell death) these inhibitors have the potential to disrupt the growth and survival of cancer cells This opens up possibilities for developing innovative therapies that can more effectively and selectively target cancer cells while sparing healthy cells

In addition to their potential in cancer treatment Bcl-2 inhibitors also hold promise in the field of neurodegenerative diseases Research indicates that dysregulation of apoptosis-related proteins including Bcl-2 contributes to the development and progression of conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease By specifically blocking Bcl-2 these inhibitors have the potential to modulate apoptosis pathways and mitigate the impact of neuronal cell death offering new avenues for therapeutic intervention

The applications of Bcl-2 inhibitors extend beyond cancer and neurodegeneration research They are also being explored in the context of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis where dysregulated apoptosis pathways contribute to the disease pathogenesis By targeting Bcl-2 and its associated proteins these inhibitors show potential in modulating immune responses and reducing inflammation offering new opportunities for the development of targeted therapies

Overall Bcl-2 inhibitors represent a valuable tool for researchers and pharmaceutical companies aiming to develop innovative treatments for cancer neurodegenerative diseases and autoimmune conditions Their ability to selectively target specific cellular pathways opens up exciting possibilities for more precise and effective therapeutic strategies

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