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Threonine Derivatives

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Threonine Derivatives

Threonine derivatives are a class of compounds derived from the essential amino acid threonine These derivatives have shown great potential in various biological applications thanks to their unique chemical properties and versatility They have been extensively studied for their ability to modulate enzyme activity regulate metabolic pathways and even exhibit therapeutic properties in certain diseases With their promising bioactivity and wide range of potential uses threonine derivatives are at the forefront of innovative research in the field of biology Our company offers a comprehensive range of threonine derivative products to support scientists and researchers in their pursuit of new discoveries and advancements

Catalog Number Product Name Product Size CAS Number Price
UD-0837 Fmoc-Thr[GalNAc(Ac)3-α-D]-OH 100 mg 116783-35-8 Online Inquiry
UD-0838 L-allo-Threonine 250 mg 28954-12-3 Online Inquiry


Threonine derivatives have various applications in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals These compounds are commonly used as building blocks in the synthesis of novel drugs and therapeutic agents Their unique chemical properties enable the development of compounds with specific biological activities making them valuable tools for drug discovery and development

Threonine derivatives also play a crucial role in the production of antibiotics and other antimicrobial agents By modifying the structure of threonine scientists can create derivatives that exhibit enhanced antibacterial antifungal or antiviral properties This opens up new possibilities for the treatment of infectious diseases and the development of more effective antibiotics

In addition to their pharmaceutical applications threonine derivatives are utilized in the field of agriculture These compounds can be incorporated into animal feeds to enhance growth and improve the overall health of livestock Threonine derivatives have been shown to promote protein synthesis and improve nutrient utilization resulting in increased growth rates and improved feed efficiency

Overall threonine derivatives have diverse applications across multiple industries highlighting their importance in the field of biotechnology and their potential for driving innovation and advancement in various sectors

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