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Strain Engineering for Tryptophan

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CD Biosynsis is dedicated to helping customers discover and screen new tryptophan-producing strains and improve existing strains to achieve large-scale lysine fermentation production.

Advantages of Synthetic Biology-Driven Tryptophan Production

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid for human and animal life activities and plays an important role in the growth, development, and metabolism of humans and animals. L-tryptophan is used as a substrate to synthesize hormones such as 5-hydroxytryptamine and physiologically active substances such as pigments, alkaloids, coenzymes, and phytohormones. Because of its important role, tryptophan is widely used in medicine, food, and feed. In recent years, tryptophan biosynthesis methods include direct fermentation, microbial transformation, and enzymatic methods. Synthetic biology-driven tryptophan production has the advantages of low cost, wide source of raw materials, and low environmental pollution.

Figure 1. Schematic representation of central carbon metabolism and L-tryptophan biosynthesis pathway with the marked point of entry for shikimic acid. (Schoppel K, et al., 2021)Figure 1. Schematic representation of central carbon metabolism and L-tryptophan biosynthesis pathway with the marked point of entry for shikimic acid. (Schoppel K, et al., 2021)

What We Provide

Based on synthetic biology strategies, we are able to optimize the microbial production process of tryptophan and maximize the potential of the tryptophan biosynthesis pathway.

Featured Services

  • We can increase the copy number and enzyme activity of rate-limiting enzyme genes in the tryptophan biosynthetic pathway.
  • We can induce mutations in structural genes on tryptophan manipulators.
  • We can select and breed tryptophanase deficient mutant strains to reduce tryptophan consumption and thus increase tryptophan accumulation.
  • We can redistribute the metabolic flow to increase the level of precursor supply for tryptophan biosynthesis.


  • Efficient cell factory for tryptophan production.
  • Tryptophan, L- tryptophan, D- tryptophan.

How We Can Help

Development of Microbial Chassis for Tryptophan Production

We offer services for the development of microbial chassis for tryptophan based on microbial conversion, enzymatic, and direct fermentation methods. The following table shows the strains that are our main focus. We can help our customers construct and screen high-yielding strains through random mutagenesis, targeted mutagenesis, or recombinant DNA technology. Please contact us directly if you have other chassis of interest for tryptophan production.

Bacillus subtilis Escherichia coli Mycobacterium tuberculosis Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Precursor Fermentation for Tryptophan Production

The precursor fermentation technique uses precursors added to the culture medium to synthesize tryptophan via the microorganism's tryptophan synthase. We optimize the precursor fermentation method by controlling the number of precursors added and relieving the feedback inhibition of key enzymes.

Enzymatic Synthesis of Tryptophan

We can use the catalytic function of tryptophan biosynthetic enzymes in microorganisms to produce tryptophan. Our scientists expect to develop more efficient biosynthetic technologies based on enzyme engineering strategies.

Fermentation Optimization for Tryptophan Production

We can synthesize tryptophan directly by microbial fermentation using cheap carbon sources. Our scientists are working to increase tryptophan production by regulating the tryptophan synthesis pathway.

Applications of Tryptophan

CD Biosynsis can develop tailored tools and customized approaches to harness the power of synthetic biology to drive tryptophan production and meet the needs of customers in a variety of industries.

  • As an additive to amino acid injections, essential amino acid drugs, and hydrolyzed proteins.
  • For the treatment of depression.
  • For the treatment of hypertension.
  • Used for pain relief.
  • Used as a food additive.
  • Involved in the process of making fried foods, pastries, and cookies.
  • As a feed additive.

Want to Learn More?

CD Biosynsis provides the most comprehensive and efficient solutions for synthetic biology workflows. We are committed to helping our customers solve all problems encountered in tryptophan production to advance their applications in a wide range of fields. Each of our deliverables will undergo a rigorous quality inspection test to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the results. If you are interested in our services or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  1. Schoppel K, et al. Metabolic control analysis of L-tryptophan producing Escherichia coli applying targeted perturbation with shikimate. Bioprocess Biosyst Eng. 2021 Dec; 44(12): 2591-2613.

Please note that all services are for research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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