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Other Unnatural Amino Acids & Derivatives

Our company offers a wide range of other unnatural amino acids and derivatives that are essential for various biological applications These specialized compounds are designed to expand the genetic code and provide scientists with greater flexibility in protein engineering and drug development By incorporating these unnatural amino acids into proteins researchers can enhance their functionality stability and specificity This innovative approach opens up exciting possibilities for the development of novel therapeutics and the exploration of new biological pathways

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Catalog Number Product Name Product Size CAS Number Price
UD-0396 Iminodiacetic acid 50 g 142-73-4 Online Inquiry
UD-0555 Fmoc-Tic-OH 5 g 136030-33-6 Online Inquiry
UD-0556 2-Pyrrolidone-5-carboxylic acid 5 g 149-87-1 Online Inquiry
UD-0557 1-Fmoc-azetidine-3-carboxylic acid 500 mg 193693-64-0 Online Inquiry
UD-0558 4-(Boc-amino)tetrahydrothiopyran-4-carboxylic acid 1 g 108329-81-3 Online Inquiry
UD-0559 (4R)-(−)-2-Thioxo-4-thiazolidinecarboxylic acid 1 g 98169-56-3 Online Inquiry
UD-0560 8-Benzyl (S)-2-aminooctanedioate 100 mg 116052-00-7 Online Inquiry
UD-0561 Indoline-2-carboxylic acid 5 g 78348-24-0 Online Inquiry
UD-0562 3-Aminophenylacetic acid 1 g 14338-36-4 Online Inquiry
UD-0563 1-Fmoc-4-piperidineacetic acid 1 g 180181-05-9 Online Inquiry


Other Unnatural Amino Acids & Derivatives have a wide range of applications in the field of biochemistry and drug discovery One key application is in protein engineering where these amino acids are used to introduce new functionalities and properties into proteins This allows for the creation of tailor-made enzymes with enhanced catalytic activities or proteins with improved stability

Additionally these unnatural amino acids can be used as tools for studying protein structure and function By incorporating them into proteins researchers can gain insights into the role of specific amino acids in protein folding binding interactions and enzymatic activity

Furthermore these amino acids have applications in the development of new therapeutic drugs They can be utilized to design small molecule inhibitors that target specific disease-related proteins opening up avenues for more targeted and effective treatments The use of these unnatural amino acids can also enhance drug delivery systems and improve the pharmacokinetic properties of drugs

Overall the diverse applications of Other Unnatural Amino Acids & Derivatives make them valuable tools in biological research protein engineering and drug discovery

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Please note that all services are for research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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