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Photo-triggerd bioconjugation

With photo-triggered bioconjugation scientists gain a powerful tool for precisely controlling molecular interactions and manipulating biological systems This innovative technique enables the attachment of specific molecules to target biomolecules through light-induced reactions By harnessing the power of light researchers can achieve site-specific conjugation that is both efficient and selective opening up new possibilities in fields such as drug delivery protein engineering and bioimaging Our company offers a range of photo-triggered bioconjugation products providing researchers with the tools they need to advance their scientific endeavors

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BC-10402 4-[3-(Trifluoromethyl)diazirin-3-yl]benzoic Acid N-Hydroxysuccinimide Ester 87736-89-8 Online Inquiry


Photo-triggered bioconjugation offers a range of versatile applications in the field of biological research and biotechnology This innovative technology enables the precise and controlled attachment of biomolecules such as proteins or DNA to specific targets through light-induced reactions

In the realm of drug discovery and development photo-triggered bioconjugation allows for the creation of targeted drug delivery systems By attaching therapeutic compounds to specific molecules or cells of interest researchers can enhance drug efficacy and reduce off-target effects leading to more effective treatments for various diseases

In the field of diagnostics photo-triggered bioconjugation can be used to develop highly sensitive and specific biosensors By attaching molecular probes to specific targets such as disease markers or pathogens researchers can create diagnostic assays that provide rapid and accurate results enabling early detection and monitoring of diseases

In addition photo-triggered bioconjugation has applications in the development of advanced biomaterials By functionalizing surfaces with bioactive molecules using light-induced reactions researchers can create materials with enhanced biocompatibility controlled release properties and the ability to interact with specific cells or tissues

Overall the applications of photo-triggered bioconjugation are vast and promising offering innovative solutions in various fields ranging from drug delivery and diagnostics to biomaterial development and beyond

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