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Microfluidic Platforms

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CD Biosynsis provides a comprehensive microfluidic toolbox and fully integrated platforms to power synthetic biology research. We can provide our customers with tailored solutions that meet specific research objectives and diverse applications to help them solve any problems encountered in their projects and bring breakthrough ideas to fruition.

Introduction to Microfluidic Technologies

Synthetic biology is an emerging and rapidly growing multidisciplinary branch of science with one of its primary goals being the design and build new biological systems and devices. It has drawn much attraction because of its uniqueness in applying engineering principles to build biology. Synthetic biology is expected to have a tremendous impact on several fields including therapeutics, bioenergy, and biomaterials. Therefore, it is necessary to establish new techniques that allow both the robust characterization of biological components and the generation of new components with new functions in order to realize the full potential of synthetic biology. With the expanding interest in cellular responses to dynamic environments, microfluidic technologies have become an indispensable technique for synthetic biology research. Since the introduction of the first synthetic genetic parts, the developments of synthetic biology and microfluidics have been intertwined.

Microfluidic technologies allow for precise environmental control while capturing high-quality data. Recent advances have enabled the application of multi-omics approaches on the microfluidic scale. For synthetic biology, advanced microfluidic technologies have enabled the de novo construction of synthetic systems from oligonucleotide synthesis to high-throughput, high-efficiency single-cell electroporation or encapsulation into abiotic chassis. Compared to conventional, macroscale instruments, microfluidic devices and systems have shown powerful abilities for reducing costs, time, and labor while improving accuracy, throughput, and performance in the analysis of biological and biochemical samples by enabling the miniaturization of biological experiments. Microfluidics technologies have become a key technology for synthetic biology and provide unprecedented means for high-resolution dynamic profiling of gene expression and regulation, highly sensitive metabolite detection, and whole-cell analysis. It is believed that the application of the development of microfluidic technology can accelerate the development of synthetic biology.

Figure 1. Synthetic biology workflow. (Gulati S, et al., 2009)Figure 1. Synthetic biology workflow. (Gulati S, et al., 2009)


Applications of Microfluidic Technologies for Synthetic Biology – CD Biosynsis

Our Platforms

CD Biosynsis offers integrated microfluidic platforms to help customers overcome the challenges of synthetic biology projects and accelerate their journey to success.

Integrated Microfluidic Platforms – CD Biosynsis

CD Biosynsis is committed to the establishment of advanced technology platforms and is adept at tailoring services and solutions to the customer's needs and circumstances. We are confident in the validity and reproducibility of the results we deliver because all of our services and products are based on reliable technologies and optimized protocols to meet high standards.

To start your synthetic biology projects, please feel free to contact us for more details. Our experienced scientists are available for on-demand customer assistance to help you with any concerns you may have.


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