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Copper-free click chemistry

Copper-free click chemistry is a cutting-edge technique in the field of chemical biology that enables the specific and efficient synthesis of complex molecules without the need for copper catalysts This revolutionary method expands the scope of click chemistry a powerful synthetic tool used to create bioactive compounds by eliminating potential toxicity issues associated with copper ions The copper-free click chemistry approach offers scientists a safer and more versatile way to explore chemical reactions and develop innovative solutions in various areas from drug discovery to material science Our company specializes in providing a comprehensive range of high-quality reagents and tools for copper-free click chemistry empowering researchers to unlock new possibilities in their scientific endeavors

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
BC-10398 (Fmoc-Cys-OSu)2 112514-60-0 Online Inquiry
BC-10401 Azido-PEG1-amine 464190-91-8 Online Inquiry


Copper-free click chemistry is a valuable tool in the field of bioconjugation and biomaterials research It offers a non-toxic and bioorthogonal approach for joining biomolecules under physiological conditions without the need for copper catalysts This method is particularly useful for labeling proteins antibodies and nucleic acids allowing for precise and selective modification of biomolecules without interfering with their biological activity

In the field of drug discovery and development copper-free click chemistry enables the synthesis of bioactive molecules and drug conjugates This versatile tool allows for the attachment of diverse functional groups to create novel compounds with enhanced pharmacological properties Copper-free click chemistry can also be utilized in the construction of drug delivery systems enabling the controlled release of therapeutic agents and improving drug efficacy

Copper-free click chemistry also finds applications in materials science where it can be used for surface modification fabrication of microarrays and assembly of complex structures This technique enables the creation of functional materials with tailored properties such as improved conductivity enhanced stability or specific binding capabilities

Overall the applications of copper-free click chemistry are vast and promising offering researchers and industries the ability to expand their knowledge and develop innovative solutions in the fields of biology medicine and materials science

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