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Genome Synthesis and Assembly

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Genome Synthesis and Assembly

CD Biosynsis provides one-stop services of genome synthesis and assembly for synthetic biology researchers around the world to facilitate their cutting-edge research. Our powerful tools can help bring diverse synthetic applications and creative ideas to fruition.

Introduction to Genome Synthesis and Assembly

From the first synthetic genome of poliovirus to the whole-genome synthesis and assembly completed by Gibson et al. in 2010, the synthesis capacity has expanded from small primer production to de novo synthesis of genes with any length and complexity. With the rapid improvement of DNA synthesis techniques, genome engineering has been greatly developed at an affordable price. Nowadays, genome synthesis and assembly have become highly commercialized.

Rapid technological advances have enabled the application of DNA synthesis and assembly from the field of genetics to synthetic biology. The next-generation high-throughput sequencing and genome engineering technology will bring further breakthroughs in the efficient editing and construction of the microbial, plant, and animal genomes. The bottom-up assembly process of synthetic genomics can help to improve the understanding of genetic blueprint, which will accelerate the research and development of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and disease therapies. These advances also mark the beginning of a new era of synthetic genomics.

Figure 1. Flowchart for the de novo synthesis and assembly of bacteriophage ΦX174, M. genitalium, and S. cerevisiae genomes using oligonucleotides as starting materials. (Wang L, et al., 2018)Figure 1. Flowchart for the de novo synthesis and assembly of bacteriophage ΦX174, M. genitalium, and S. cerevisiae genomes using oligonucleotides as starting materials. (Wang L, et al., 2018)

Service Offering

Genome Synthesis

We provide one-stop services of genome synthesis, including but not limited to DNA synthesis, oligo synthesis, vector construction, cloning and subcloning, and mutagenesis. Our scientists have successfully synthesized bacterial genome, viral genome, yeast genomes, and minimal genome.

Genome Assembly

We can provide genome assembly services based on a variety of methods, such as standard assembly with restriction enzymes, infusion assembly, Gibson assembly, Golden Gate assembly, yeast assembly, PaperClip assembly, sequence and ligase independent cloning (SLIC), circular polymerase extension cloning (CPEC), to meet specific needs of our customers.

Service Specifications

Service Details Turnaround Time Delivered Product Price
Customized synthetic and assembly services for synthetic genomes Depending on genome size Synthetic genomes with detailed information Online Inquiry

Competitive Advantages

  • Powerful one-stop services for genome synthesis and assembly.
  • Synthesis of long DNA fragments with high fidelity and speed.
  • Reliable assembly of difficult DNA fragments.
  • Complete project management and stable production process.
  • Experience with challenging genome synthesis and assembly for various synthetic biology applications.

CD Biosynsis offers a variety of cutting-edge techniques to customize services for individual customer specifications. We also provide genome design services to help you from the beginning. If you are interested in our services or have any specific needs, please feel free to contact us for more details.


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Please note that all services are for research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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