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Strain Engineering for Nitrilase

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CD Biosynsis provides technical services covering all synthetic biology-related technologies, helping our customers customize optimal synthetic biology-based enzyme engineering strategies to break the limitations of nitrilases in current industrial production and applications. Leveraging our extensive experience in synthetic biology chassis development and enzyme engineering, we are capable of helping our customers develop highly stable and catalytically active nitrilases to promote the wide range of applications of nitrilases in biotechnology and industrial production.

Advantages of Synthetic Biology-Driven Nitrilase Production

Nitrilases are capable of directly converting toxic nitrile compounds into the corresponding non-toxic acids and ammonia, and are widely used in the production of fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, and bioremediation of nitrile contaminants. However, the development of nitrilases for applications is still limited by many unfavorable factors, such as the lack of high enzyme catalytic activity, fewer species, poor stability, and the narrow substrate spectrum. Recent advances in synthetic biology tools based on genetic and metabolic engineering strategies have paved the way for the development of well-functioning nitrilases-producing microorganisms, which will greatly improve the problems of nitrilases in current industrial applications.

Figure 1. Strategies of enzyme engineering. (Madhavan A, et al., 2021)Figure 1. Strategies of enzyme engineering. (Madhavan A, et al., 2021)

What We Provide

CD Biosynsis' advanced synthetic biology platform and extensive expertise allows us to help our customers develop customized and effective strategies to achieve improved production of nitrilases.

Featured Services

  • Screening, isolation, and characterization of novel and promising nitrilase-producing strains.
  • Design and development of genetically engineered nitrilase-producing microorganisms with better operational stability and higher productivity.
  • Engineering of nitrilases to improve their catalytic activities at elevated temperatures, providing improved organic solvent stability, rapid reaction rates, and enhanced storage stability.
  • Efficient immobilization of nitrilases with nanoparticles to improve pH stability, thermal stability, and shelf life.


  • Nitrilase-producing microorganisms.
  • High-quality nitrilase products.

How We Can Help

CD Biosynsis' powerful and innovative technologies based on synthetic biology provide an excellent platform for the production of tailor-made nitrilases. Our experts are able to help our customers overcome the difficulties of nitrilase production in industrial applications and develop nitrilases with high activity and thermostability.

Engineering of Microbial Chassis for Nitrilase Production

Production of Nitrilases by Synthetic Biology

We can help our customers select suitable host organisms and develop microbial engineering strategies and synthetic biology tools to improve the productivity of nitrilases-producing microorganisms. We focus on every problem faced in the production and application of nitrilases, aiming to develop nitrilases with high stability in extreme application environments. The following are microorganisms including bacteria and fungi that that have the potential to develop as synthetic biology chassis for the production of nitrilases. If you are interested in other strains, please fill out our online inquiry form and tell us more about your project.

Fusarium solani Nocardia globerula Rhodococcus rhodochrous Bacillus pallidus Aspergillus niger
Pyrococcus abyssi Streptomyces sp. Fusarium solani Pseudomonas fluorescens Geobacillus pallidus
Rhodobacter sphaeroides Burkholderia cenocepacia Pyrococcus sp. Stenotrophomonas maltophilia Thermotoga maritima

Improvement of Nitrilase Production Based on Synthetic Biology

  • Low stability at higher temperatures
    We can develop synthetic biology-based nanotechnology tools to immobilize nitrilases on nanoparticle beads to improve their thermal stability.
  • Narrow substrate spectrum
    We can use computer-aided protein engineering techniques to analyze the conformational relationships between nitrilases and their substrates in order to develop directed evolution-based approaches to expand the substrate range of nitrilases.
  • Low activity
    We can develop synthetic biology-based genetic engineering strategies and post-translational modification tools for the improvement of the nitrilase activity.

Applications of Nitrilase

CD Biosynsis provides customized solutions for synthetic biology-driven nitrilases production to meet a wide range of applications in industrial production.

  • Used in the biosynthesis of organic acids, amino acids, vitamins, and other chemical products.
  • Used in the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates.
  • Used in the modification of acrylic and polyester in the field of the textile industry.
  • Used in the treatment of cyanide-containing wastewater in the metal plating solution in the field of bioremediation.

Want to Learn More?

As a rapidly growing synthetic biology company, CD Biosynsis is committed to helping our customers meet the growing and evolving demand for industrial enzyme production. All of our deliverables will undergo a rigorous quality testing process to ensure the quality and reliability and can be delivered on time. If you are interested in our services or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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