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Ionizable and Cationic lipids and similar

Ionizable and cationic lipids are a class of compounds that have significant applications in the field of gene therapy and drug delivery These lipids have the unique ability to form complexes with nucleic acids such as DNA or RNA and efficiently deliver them into cells By encapsulating genetic material in lipid nanoparticles ionizable and cationic lipids enable targeted and controlled release of therapeutic substances within the body Their versatile nature and compatibility with various formulations make them essential tools in advancing the field of personalized medicine and developing innovative treatments Our company specializes in providing a range of high-quality ionizable and cationic lipids for use in advanced biomedical research and commercial applications

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Catalog Number Chemical Name CAS # Price
LP-0001 1,2-Dioleoyloxy-3-(dimethylamino)propane 127512-29-2 Online Inquiry
LP-0002 SM-102 2089251-47-6 Online Inquiry
LP-0003 ALC-0159 1849616-42-7 Online Inquiry
LP-0004 ALC-0315 2036272-55-4 Online Inquiry
LP-0005 1-Oleyl-2-methylamino acetate 10025-06-6 Online Inquiry
LP-0006 1,2-Dioleyloxy-3-dimethylamino-propane (DODMA) 104162-47-2 Online Inquiry
LP-0007 DOTAP chloride 132172-61-3 Online Inquiry


Ionizable and cationic lipids and similar compounds have a wide range of applications in the field of gene therapy These lipid-based delivery systems can effectively encapsulate and deliver genetic material such as RNA or DNA into cells By providing a safe and efficient means of introducing therapeutic genes into the body these lipids can be used to treat a variety of genetic disorders including certain types of cancer inherited metabolic diseases and viral infections

In addition to gene therapy ionizable and cationic lipids also find use in the field of vaccine development By formulating antigens within lipid nanoparticles these compounds can enhance the immune response elicited by vaccines leading to improved efficacy and long-lasting protection against infectious diseases Furthermore the versatile properties of ionizable and cationic lipids allow for the combination of multiple antigens or adjuvants in a single formulation simplifying vaccine production and administration

Outside of medicine ionizable and cationic lipids have applications in the field of biomedical research These compounds can be utilized to study cellular processes and pathways such as drug delivery mechanisms gene expression regulation and intracellular signaling By effectively introducing specific molecules into cells researchers can gain insights into various biological phenomena and develop novel therapeutic strategies

Overall the use of ionizable and cationic lipids and similar compounds in gene therapy vaccine development and biomedical research showcases their immense potential in advancing our understanding of biology and improving human health

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