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Biosynthesis Database building

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CD Biosynsis provides high-quality database building services for the "learn" phase of synthetic biology to help researchers around the world facilitate their cutting-edge research. We have the ability and extensive experience to help bring diverse synthetic biology applications and creative ideas to fruition.

Introduction to Database Building

Database building involves designing, creating, and maintaining structured repositories of digital information for efficient storage, retrieval, and management. These repositories, commonly referred to as databases, serve as organized collections of data that can be accessed, manipulated, and analyzed through software applications. The endeavor of database building holds a pivotal stance spanning multiple domains, encompassing business, science, technology, and research.

Amidst the "learn" phase of synthetic biology, researchers gather information, analyze biological systems, and cultivate a profound comprehension of genetic components and their interactions. Building and maintaining a top-tier database is crucial to organize, store, and access this information effectively.

Fig 1. The main stages of the database development - a clinical example.Fig 1. The main stages of the database development - a clinical example. (Bulgarelli L, et al., 2020)

Service Offering

CD Biosynsis specializes in providing comprehensive, customized database building services to support researchers and scientists in overcoming challenges. Browse our services below or use our online inquiry form for more information.

Project Management

  • Tracking the progress of projects, managing schedules, allocating resources and ensuring that research goals are met.
  • Keep track of intellectual property related to genetic designs and inventions.


  • Store genetic designs, parts, and devices that your company has developed.
  • Store documentation for protocols, workflows, and design guidelines.

Data Management

  • Store experimental data, including measurements, observations, and outcomes.
  • Integrate tools for data analysis and visualization within the database, allowing researchers to analyze trends, correlations, and patterns.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Help keep your company in regulated compliance by tracking experiments, results, and processes.

Why CD Biosynsis

Fig 3. Efficient Data Management.

Efficient Data Management

The structured data management approach simplifies data entry, storage and retrieval processes, enforces data validation rules and constraints, and maintains data accuracy and consistency.

Fig 4. Decision-Making.


Access to well-organized data allows users to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.

Fig 5. Collaboration.


Multiple users can simultaneously access and work with the same database, promoting collaboration and data sharing within teams and organizations.

Fig 6. Automation.


Databases facilitate automation by allowing software applications to interact with and manipulate data programmatically.

With our database building service, you can gain valuable insights into the "learn" phase of synthetic biology, enabling you to advance your research and make significant contributions to the field. CD Biosynsis offers customized services for individual customer specifications. Our experienced scientific team of biologists, bioinformatics, and chemists is dedicated to helping our customers solve any problems encountered in their synthetic biology projects.


  1. Bulgarelli, L.; et al. Building Electronic Health Record Databases for Research. Leveraging Data Science for Global Health. 2020, 55-64.

Please note that all services are for research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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