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CD Biosynsis offers customized synthetic enzymology solutions to help researchers around the world facilitate their cutting-edge research and overcome the challenges. We provide advanced techniques and powerful tools to help our customers solve any problems encountered in their projects and bring breakthrough ideas to fruition.

Introduction to Synthetic Enzymology

Enzymes act as catalysts for converting molecules to carry out necessary biological functions. They play a vital role in all living cells. Enzyme binds non-covalently to their substrate, forming enzyme–substrate complexes. The enzyme can revert to its native configuration after the formation of products. Each of the tens of thousands of enzymes specializes in a particular reaction or class of reactions. In recent decades, enzymes have been obtained from a variety of animals, plants, and microorganisms. They have been widely used in industry to conduct a range of syntheses. However, most of the naturally produced enzymes have a number of limitations for industrial applications, such as substrate specificity, enzyme stability, catalytic efficiency, and cost of enzymes. Therefore, more attention has been paid to high-throughput methods to produce efficient enzymes. These enzymes also need to be modified to withstand the extreme conditions of the industries in order to get prolific outcomes. Here, synthetic biology tools can be applied to synthesize and modify novel and efficient enzymes.

Synthetic biology is the intentional design and engineering of novel or existing biologically-based parts, devices, and systems for purposeful function. It is enriched by multiple foundational disciplines, including enzymology. Synthetic enzymology is defined as the application of mechanistic enzymology, rational and directed enzyme engineering, combinatorial biosynthesis, genomic and functional enzymology, and other enzymological principles in synthetic biology. It serves as an enabling platform in synthetic biology for the purposeful production of thermostable and specific enzymes of biomedical and commercial importance. Computational tools used for enzyme modification have provided new avenues to modify enzymes more specifically and faster in a shorter time period. As the field of synthetic biology has evolved, the utility of synthetic enzymology is expected to be translated into a variety of purposeful functions.

Figure 1. A preview of enzyme screening and modification tools for their applications in adverse industrial conditions (Shukla P., 2019)Figure 1. A preview of enzyme screening and modification tools for their applications in adverse industrial conditions (Shukla P., 2019)


Applications of Synthetic Enzymology – CD Biosynsis

Our Solutions

CD Biosynsis offers integrated synthetic enzymology solutions for specific purposes and a wide range of applications to help customers overcome the challenges of their synthetic biology projects.

Integrated Synthetic Enzymology Solutions – CD Biosynsis

CD Biosynsis is committed to developing services and products that cover a wide range of steps in the synthetic biology workflow. We are confident in the validity and reproducibility of the results we deliver because all of our services and products are based on reliable technologies and optimized protocols to meet high standards.

To start your synthetic biology projects, please feel free to contact us for more details. Our experienced scientific team of biologists, bioinformatics, and chemists are available for on-demand customer assistance to help you with any concerns you may have.


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