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Plant Synthetic Biology

CD Biosynsis offers customized solutions for plant synthetic biology to help researchers around the world facilitate their cutting-edge research and overcome the challenges. We provide advanced techniques and powerful tools to help our customers solve any problems encountered in their projects and bring breakthrough ideas to fruition.

Introduction to Plant Synthetic Biology

Rapid population growth requires increased exploitation of the Earth's natural resources. Requirements for water, food, energy, and materials will soon exceed production capacity, which will lead to serious problems such as climate change and dwindling finite resources. The demand for the production of non-food products, such as fibers, fuels, and chemicals will also increase as fossil fuel reserves are depleted. In the vision of boosting crop yields to meet these demands, new crops need to be precisely engineered for both optimal yields and environmental interactions. The goals of the synthetic biology discipline are very much aligned with this vision. Green biotechnology, driven by recent breakthroughs in plant synthetic biology, may provide sustainable solutions.

Plant synthetic biology is an emerging field that combines engineering principles with plant biology in order to design and produce new devices for specific purposes. The design cycles, key engineering principles, genetic parts, and computational tools of synthetic biology can be utilized in plant synthetic biology. The current understanding of plant biology has allowed the plant form and function to be rationally engineered form and function to meet specific needs. By combining knowledge of plant biology with technological advances in synthetic biology, plant synthetic biology is expected to play an important role in the future of agriculture, not only in improving traditional crops but also in implementing novel bioproduction in plants. Plant synthetic biology is heating up, which is leading to greater potentials as well as greater challenges.

Figure 1. A schematic diagram of an idealized plant cell with synthetic engineered pathways to produce a plant with ideal traits and functionality. (Nemhauser J L & Torii K U., 2016)Figure 1. A schematic diagram of an idealized plant cell with synthetic engineered pathways to produce a plant with ideal traits and functionality. (Nemhauser J L & Torii K U., 2016)


Applications of Plant Synthetic Biology – CD Biosynsis

Our Solutions

CD Biosynsis offers integrated solutions for specific purposes and a wide range of applications to help customers overcome the challenges of their plant synthetic biology projects.

Integrated Solutions for Plant Synthetic Biology – CD Biosynsis

CD Biosynsis is committed to developing services and products that cover a wide range of steps in the synthetic biology workflow. We are confident in the validity and reproducibility of the results we deliver because all of our services and products are based on reliable technologies and optimized protocols to meet high standards.

To start your synthetic biology projects, please feel free to contact us for more details. Our experienced scientific team of biologists, bioinformatics, and chemists are available for on-demand customer assistance to help you with any concerns you may have.


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