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CD Biosynsis provides high-quality products as well as flexible services and solutions to support and facilitate the applications of synthetic biology in environment. We offer our expertise to help our customers solve any problems encountered in the project to achieve various research objectives and diversified applications.

Applications of Synthetic Biology in Environment


Environmental problems are the most serious challenges in the 21st century. With the rapid development of modern industry and agriculture, ecological environmental deterioration has become the most important factor restricting sustainable socio-economic development. Tons of noxious environmental pollutants of known and unknown toxicity are released regularly, causing a serious impact on the quality of water, soil, and air. Environmental protection and pollution prevention are important prerequisites for achieving sustainable development goals. Although considerable efforts have been made in recent years to restore the natural balance of the environment by cleaning up polluted sites and water bodies, the available technologies are both energy-driven and expensive. Therefore, finding sustainable approaches to use natural resources without further degrading them is one of the top priorities of researchers around the world. Timely detection and removal of pollutants have become imperative to ensure the sustainability of natural resources.

Biological systems already play an important role in cleaning up damage caused by environmental disasters such as chemical pollution, oil-spills, and nuclear leakage. Bioremediation efforts exploiting biological activities to repair ecosystems and substances are on the rise to revert the detrimental effects of human-caused environmental contamination. Synthetic biology, a speedily evolving interdisciplinary field, has potential applications in the development of bioremediation to provide attractive alternatives to costly and environmentally harmful methods of remediation, including landfill and incineration. Today, synthetic biology offers novel cell-based or cell-free solutions to help solve the world's environmental problems through engineering genetic circuits, metabolic pathways, and enzymes in microorganisms. Synthetic biology tailored microbes have the potential to serve as futuristic alternatives to their conventional counterparts to improve the uptake and degradation of compounds pernicious to the environment.

Major applications of synthetic biology in environment

  • Redesign and modification of existing degrading strain to degrade specific organic pollutants or multiple organic pollutants.
  • Rational design and construction of engineered bacteria to promote microbial catabolism of emerging pollutants.
  • Rational construction of highly efficient degradation flora to degrade persistent environmental pollutants.
  • Novel cell factories for efficient production of useful compounds from waste materials.
  • Development of biosensors to monitor the presence of contaminants or detect the extent of the hazards.
  • Development of natural agents to neutralize contaminants or convert them into non-toxic compounds.

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