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CD Biosynsis provides high-quality products as well as flexible services and solutions to support and facilitate the applications of synthetic biology in agriculture. We offer our expertise to help our customers solve problems and achieve various research objectives and diversified applications.

Applications of Synthetic Biology in Agriculture


Maize, wheat, and rice are the most widely cultivated crops, providing more than 50% of the world's plant-derived food energy. To meet the growing demand, their yields must be significantly increased. However, the fertilizers, fuels, and pesticides utilized in production release greenhouse gases that impact climate change in undesirable ways. In addition, future increases in grain production must typically come from existing farmland because of the limited availability of uncultivated land and the environmental problems associated with converting carbon-rich forests and grasslands to farmland. As a result, agriculture faces significant global challenges. Transformative innovations such as synthetic biology have made important contributions to address these challenges.

Although the rapid development of synthetic biology has so far focused on microbiology and human health, it will soon deliver major outcomes for agriculture. Synthetic biology can harness nature's power to solve agricultural problems, enable the creation of novel biological systems for useful purposes in agriculture, including user-designed plants, and offer a broader range of opportunities than the conventional development of new cultivars and breeds. Synthetic biology contributes to increasing agriculture productivity in order to feed the world's growing population. In the face of global challenges, synthetic biology holds the promise of making agriculture more sustainable and supporting a thriving agricultural industry.

Major applications of synthetic biology in agriculture

  • Producing crop plants with beneficial traits to produce specialty chemicals, biofuels, or other industrial products.
  • Producing environmentally friendly and more vigorous plant growth treatments.
  • Reducing fertilizer usage in agriculture by optimizing plant nitrogen and phosphorous utilization.
  • Reducing crop losses by altering cellular responses to changes in their environment.
  • Harnessing the power of photoautotrophic organisms as large-scale bioproduction platforms.
  • Creating novel pesticides and fertilizers that can respond to specific environmental or organismal conditions.
  • Increasing the nutritional value of crops.
  • Improving food quality, quantity, and safety.
  • Producing transgenic seeds with desirable traits.
  • Engineering plants to act as biosensors.

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CD Biosynsis offer our expertise to help our customers address agriculture challenges through the application of synthetic biology. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

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CD Biosynsis is committed to developing products and establishing integrated technology platforms that cover a wide range of steps in the synthetic biology workflow. We are adept at tailoring services and solutions to the customer's needs and circumstances. As all of our products and services are based on reliable technologies and optimized protocols to meet high standards, we are confident in the validity and reproducibility of the results we deliver to our customers. Fill out online inquiry form to log your request.

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