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Biosynthesis Experimental Design

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CD Biosynsis provides one-stop experimental design services to help synthetic biology researchers around the world to facilitate their cutting-edge research.

Introduction to Experimental Design

Experimental design has been a long tradition in life sciences. Knowledge from literature and/or preliminary tests is the basis of experimental design. Many factors, such as repeated measures, independent measures, and matched pairs, need to be considered in this iterative process. Based on the improved knowledge obtained from previous experiments, new experiments are designed.

Experimental design will never be perfect. Systematic error and random error are two major factors affecting the experimental results. It is very important to minimize the impact of these factors on the experimental results by proper design and determining the optimal methodology.

Experimental Design

Service Offering

We provide powerful tools and tailored solutions to help our customers overcome the challenges in synthetic biology and bring diverse creative ideas to fruition.

Pre-Experimental Design

Pre-experiment is an exploratory and cost-effective approach to assess the likely value of possible further research. We provide professional pre-experimental design services to help our customers make an early and smart decision on their research projects.

Overall Scheme Design

Our scientific team has a vast knowledge of synthetic biology. Their technical skills cover a wide range of fields, including biology, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science. We can provide overall scheme design services to support your entire research.

Feasibility Evaluation

We provide flexible feasibility studies to help our customers evaluate the feasibility of the experimental design in subsequent research. We are committed to helping facilitate our customers' projects.

Service Process

Experimental Design

Turnaround Time

Depending on your specific requirements.

Our Advantages

  • One-stop services—We can help our customers obtain ideal experimental results through our professional and efficient experimental design services.
  • Extensive experience—We have a team of scientists and technicians with a strong technical background and extensive experience.
  • Fast turnaround time—Based on our successful experience of experimental design in synthetic biology, we have the ability to provide the best experimental design for our customers with a fast turnaround time.

CD Biosynsis has an experienced scientific team of biologists, bioinformatics, and chemists to help our customers solve any problems encountered in the experiment. If you have any specific needs, please feel free to contact us for more details.


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Please note that all services are for research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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